Ellen Page Does Motion Capture in Beyond Two Souls

Ellen Page is the cute as a button star of Juno and Inception, and now she’s starring the game Beyond: Two Souls, along with Willem Dafoe. The game was so cinematic, a sneak preview even screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

Avatar tops most pirated movie list

If I want to see a new movie, I have absolutely no problem laying down my hard earned money for it.

Are expectations lowering for Super 8?

Super 8 has reportedly cost $50 million dollars, which shouldn't be hard to recoup, but you also get the sense there may be a slight panic that the mystery behind the film isn't working to its advantage.

Sci-Fi @ the Oscars

The only genre film nominated for an Oscar this year, unless you count Toy Story 3, which I don't, is Inception. Does it have a chance? Of course not.

Inception may be going 3D for Blu-ray

With its mind-bending plot and stark visual scenery, Inception would have made a great 3D movie. In fact, when shown footage of a 3D version of the flick, test audiences liked it. But director Chris Nolan didn't, so it was released in bland 2D.

'Batman' director being pushed in 3D: report

Christopher Nolan, one of the hottest names in Hollywood thanks to his successful films like The Dark Knight and Inception, hates 3D. But apparently the studio he works for couldn't care less what he thinks.