Apple agrees refunds over in-app purchases

Parents whose children made in-app purchases inadvertently will receive a minimum $5 payout from Apple, which has settled a class action lawsuit.

Nokia engineer shows how to hack Windows 8 games

A Nokia engineer has published a series of simple steps that allow users to hack Windows 8 games for free in-app purchases.

Apple in-app purchases to come under legal spotlight

A group of American parents has received permission from a judge to sue Apple over their children's in-app purchases.

Analysts cautiously optimistic about in-app purchases

Mobile application revenues from in-app purchases are projected to exceed pay-per-download sales sometime this year. 

Apple alters in-app purchasing policy to protect parents' wallets

After a number of high-profile cases in which children have run up massive bills through in-app purchases, Apple is reportedly tweaking its purchasing policy to help parents stay in control.

FTC investigates Apple's in-app purchases

The Federal Trade Commission has confirmed that it's looking into Apple's controversial app marketing policies - but not because of their effect on content providers.

Sorry mom, kids rack up huge bills with in-app game purchases

When you’re deeply entrenched in a game, sometimes it seems like there is a fine line between the virtual world and reality. And with the advent of virtual currency where gamers can buy virtual goods with real-life money, the line seems that much more blurry.