The first 3D experience to reveal animal vision

This real-time 3D Internet experience lets people see through the eyes of several animals including rats, bees, cats, dogs and hawks, as they wonder the streets of Paris.

Virtually numbed: Immersive video gaming alters real-life experience

Spending time immersed as a virtual character or avatar in a role-playing video game can numb you to realizing important body signals in real life. This message comes from Ulrich Weger of the University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany and Stephen Loughnan of Melbourne University in Australia, in an article in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, published by Springer.

Video: The immersive worlds of Oculus Rift

A new first-person-shooter demo (FPS) seems like it offers the most immersive experience yet for the Oculus rift, allowing players to duck, fire around virtual crates and rotate their guns in their hands.

Flight simulator gives 360-degree immersion

Belgian company Barco has unveiled what's probably the most advanced flight-training simulator in the world, a fully immersive, 360 degree system using rear projection.

Maingear debuts Phenom II X6-powered gaming rig

Maingear Computers has debuted a Vybe gaming rig powered by AMD's recently introduced Phenom II X6 processor.

Psyko debuts 5.1 gaming headset

Psyko Audio Labs has introduced a 5.1 headset that allows hardcore PC gamers to precisely identify the source of muffled gunshots, light footsteps and overwhelmingly loud explosions.