Yes! The Monkey King is #1 at the global box office

Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I checked out the trailer for Monkey King, and it is some really wild sh*t. While one early review considered it a mixed bag, it’s already doing gangbuster business in China, where the myth of the story takes place.

Imax is Hotter than Ever

Since Christopher Nolan started shooting in Imax, it’s been a much more welcomed technology than the 3D revival. There have been some incredible Imax releases over the last five years or so, culminating with the experience of Gravity, which should only result in more Imax movies in the future. 

The Next Star Wars May Be Shot in IMAX

We already reported the good news that JJ Abrams will shoot the next Star Wars movie on film. There aren’t a lot of directors who have the clout to get a movie made on 35mm celluloid, and it’s great to see Abrams flexing his muscles in this regard.

Metallica to Work on New Album In New Year

Metallica’s concert film, Through the Never, is nearly upon us. It will receive the biggest IMAX opening release on October 27, and will spread out to more theaters after that. Seeing Metallica in IMAX 3D sounds like a great proposition, but how about another album?  

Metallica's 3D Epic Is Nearly Here

Metallica have taken a lot of big risks in their career, and coming September 27, they’re going to take one of the biggest with Through the Never. Never is a feature length concert film that was shot in Imax 3D, and like Led Zeppelin’s Song Remains the Same, it will have a dramatic narrative weaving in and out of the live footage.

Star Trek Into Darkness on track for a huge weekend

While we’re not exactly that thrilled about how a movie’s box office performance has become a big horse race with the public, it’s often fun to track how a movie does when it finally hits the theaters.

Metallica's concert film is going IMAX

While 3D is indeed on the wane in the States, the one hot movie technology continues to be IMAX.

Star Trek Into Darkness and Evil Dead release dates moved up

When a movie is in serious trouble, its release date often gets pushed back. However, when a film's release date is moved up, it can mean several things.

Star Trek Into Darkness preview hits this December

One of the most anticipated genre films of 2013 is Star Trek Into Darkness.

Indiana Jones is headed to IMAX

Although it may often be too much to take in all at once, seeing a movie in IMAX can be a hell of an experience.

Ender's Game headed to IMAX

With the movie business in a constant state of flux, it's no wonder we've been hearing so much about tech like 3D and 48 frames per second. 

The Dark Knight Rises: Biggest weekend ever?

It's obviously the "no sh*t Sherlock" statement of the year, but people are going to be flocking to theaters in droves when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20. 

IMAX: From Dark Knight to Star Trek 2

IMAX was given a big boost when Chris Nolan used the format in the original Dark Knight alongside regular 35mm footage.

Metallica goes 3D and Slash hits the charts

As we've reported previously, Metallica's currently working on its next album, as well as their own music festival, along with a 3D movie, which they'll be funding themselves. 

Dark Knight Rises is IMAX’IN out

The opening segment of the original Dark Knight with the Joker pulling off the bank robbery really was quite a remarkable sight.

Hunger Games ticket sales and reviews are on fire

I've heard stories about movies that were so big on opening day that theaters would actually keep screenings going twenty four hours to satisfy demand.

Hunger games to get IMAX run, social media game

IMAX Corporation and Lionsgate have confirmed that the long-awaited adaptation of The Hunger Games  will see a remastered IMAX format release.

Lining up for Batman

Midnight showings for The Dark Knight Rises - which hits theaters July 20 - went on sale about a week ago and sold out in record time.

Michael Bay goes boom!

How much stuff can a director blow up during his career? If you’re Michael Bay, clearly a lot: close to a thousand explosions, actually.

Transformers 3 is even bigger in IMAX

Michael Bay is a lot like the line in Spinal Tap: the amps go to eleven, or in his case, more like twenty. 

Like heavy metal itself, Bay wants everything bigger, fast, and more ear-splittingly louder than before.