Report: Rigs and high-end PCs are fading away

Gone are the days when a gamer thought nothing of throwing down a cool $3,500 for a rig to play Quake OpenGL on in all its glory.

PC shipments are on the decline

Worldwide PC shipments are expected to decline in 2012 for the first time in 11 years. 

Indeed, the total PC market in 2012 is projected to contract by 1.2% to 348.7 million units, down from 352.8 million in 2011.

iPhone 5 'costs Apple $207'

The iPhone 5 is costing Apple more to build than any model since the very first - but still hundreds of dollars less than the retail price.

DRAM market shifts away from PCs

Personal computers accounted for less than half of the DRAM market during the second quarter of 2012.

Android will hit 1 billion in 2013

The very first smartphone platform ever to reach one billion devices will be Android.

Microsoft eyes corporate smartphone market

Researchers estimate that over 2.4 billion employees will be using smartphones by the year 2017.

Custom ROMs are ready for Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung may have introduced its Galaxy Note 10.1 just a few weeks ago, but a number of custom mods  have already been coded by XDA devs for the Android-powered tablet.

Quad-core microprocessors headed to notebook PCs

At least half of all notebook PCs are expected to boast quad-core microprocessors by 2015 - up from just 9% in 2011.

Intel's Tri-Gate transistors are ready to battle ARM

ARM currently dominates the lucrative mobile space with its power conscious RISC chips.