Wireless gadgetry in cars to grow 41% in next 4 years

Remember when you thought it was cool your car had a USB socket? Well, geezer, automotive infortainment is going to leave you behind and make someone else really rich. That's right, the blue screen of death will eventually mean, well, the blue screen of death. 

There's still a future for photovoltaic installs

Pessimistic forecasts for photovoltaic energy are overly negative, according to a survey. IHS said that despite these forecasts, PV installations will continue to grow at a double number rate and that will represent more than 35 gigawatts this year.

Samsung beats Nokia as top cellphone brand

After 14 years as the world's best-selling phone brand, Nokia has finally slipped from the top spot. Samsung's taken over, with its market share hitting 29 percent, up from 24 percent last year.

Nexus 7 materials are worth $152

Even at $199, Google stands to make a hefty profit on its new tablet device.

Samsung knocks Nokia off smartphone top spot

The king is dead; long live the king. After a 14-year run, Nokia has finally lost its crown as the world's leading cellphone manufacturer.

Kindle Fire is already #2 in tablet wars

If anyone needs proof that Amazon's flagship Android tablet managed to live up to its hype, here are some statistics for you.

Tablets and Ultrabooks battle for mobile dominance

The mobile PC market is currently embracing the new Ultrabook form factor in an effort to counter tablets like Apple's wildly popular iPad.

Geeks just can't get enough Blu-ray

It seems as if hardcore sci-fi geeks just can't get enough of their favorite films on Blu-ray.

Why Apple didn't launch the iPhone 5

Apple debuted its long-awaited, next-gen iPhone yesterday. But it wasn't the iPhone 5.

Notebooks live on despite tablet onslaught

The lucrative notebook market has managed to stay afloat despite a tablet onslaught led primarily by Apple's wildly popular iPad.

Can Google resurrect its TV platform?

Google's recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility could potentially allow Mountain View to significantly expand its fading presence in the competitive set-top box market.

Smartphones on track to dominate cellphone market

Smartphones are expected to account for the majority of cellphone shipments by the year 2015.

iTunes makes gains in online movie market

Apple's iTunes is making gains in the online movie market - and successfully reversing previous declines in the lucrative space.

Analysis: Why Google is buying Motorola Mobility

Why is Google buying Motorola Mobility for a cool $12.5 billion? The obvious answer: easier access to mobile hardware and critical technology via an expanded IP portfolio.

Global 3D box office doubled in 2010

3D movies may not be catching on in living rooms across the United States, but global 3D box office revenue hit $6.1 billion in 2010 - more than double the $2.5 billion generated in 2009.

Is Nokia's pain Apple's gain?

Apple has managed to clinch the number one position in the Q2 global smartphone market as Nokia's shipments declined to 16.7 million units, down from 24.2 million in the previous quarter.

3.5 million 3D Blu-ray Discs sold, with a footnote

Around 3.5 million Blu-ray 3D movies have been sold to consumers in the US, but only half of them were really purchased.

Apple to dominate mobile app market for years

Apple's control of the mobile app market is set to continue for at least three years, according to projections from IHS Screen Digest.