IDF live-tweets attacks on Gaza

Over the last 24 hours, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has been live-tweeting its attacks on the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip, including the assassination of a Hamas military leader.

Cyber threat accelerates IDF hacker recruitment

The growing specter of cyber warfare has prompted the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to step up its recruit of hackers who will be tasked with securing the country's digital perimeter.

Rattner details Intel's multi-core future

Intel CTO Justin Rattner chose to focus on the future of multi- and many-core computing during the closing keynote of IDF.

The advent of Windows 8 Ultratablets

This week we have warring conferences as Microsoft and Intel scheduled their developer events on top of each other. This means there are a massive number of us trying to be in two places at once, mostly unsuccessfully.

Researchers develop second-gen military snake 'bot

Researchers at Israel's Technion Institute have developed a second-gen military snake 'bot that could eventually participate in urban and subterranean operations conducted by the IDF.

IDF shifts focus to cyber warfare

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) - which now classifies cyber warfare as a "central strategic pillar" - has reportedly established a military intelligence (MI) unit capable of engaging in both defensive and offensive digital warfare.

IDF hones cyber-warfare capabilities

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is reportedly honing its cyber-warfare capabilities in preparation for future conflicts.

IDF unfriends soldier over Facebook leak

Israel was forced to abort a military raid on a West bank village after a soldier posted details on his Facebook page.