Steak and cheese internet dinner traps fraudster

The US' Internal Revenue Service claims to have caught a pair of serial ID fraudsters by using some simple detective work on an Instagram picture of a steak and cheese dinner.

Is San Francisco turning into a police state?

Much like the local police station, San Francisco’s Entertainment Commission has proposed that all bars and clubs be required to photo and collect ID information from everyone who passes through the door.

McDonalds customers warned over identity theft

McDonalds customers may face something a lot nastier than greasy food, with the company warning that a hacker has gathered thousands of customer details.

Woman calls Dell tech support to find nude photos, then...

A woman called Dell tech support because she was having trouble locating nude photos of herself on her computer, which is weird to begin with, but that's just the beginning of the most bizarre and unbelievable customer-tech support saga you'll ever find.

Citibank customers may have exposed info through iPhone app

Citigroup issued a warning today noting that there were some security loopholes in its mobile banking iPhone app, and also released an update that patches the hole.

CEO of ID protection firm has his own ID plundered

It must have seemed a great idea at the time: to advertise the effectiveness of your identity protection product by publicising your name and social security number.