Google Glass app identifies people by their clothes

The first - very creepy - third party app for Google Glass has been unveiled. InSight is designed to recognize people on the basis of their clothes.

Software identifies dodgy crime scene gawpers

It's true, apparently, that criminals - especially arsonists - often return to the scene of their crime, as do IED bomb makers in the Middle East.

Immigration measure is a sneaky national ID

Draft legislation to fight illegal immigration is being excoriated by critics as a sneaky way to introduce a national ID system. Whether you call it a national ID or a national database, it will likely be abused by the government.

New technique identifies email authors

Researchers from Concordia University say they've developed a way of identifying the author of anonymous emails - and that the technique is admissible in a court of law.

The Internet ID: Do we have any say in it?

It’s been called the "Trusted Internet ID" scheme by some observers. It won’t matter what we choose to call the government’s proposed Internet licensing system because in the end we probably won’t have a say in it.  

'DNA fingerprint' could identify pirated movies

Inspired by DNA testing techniques, researchers have developed a way of identifying pirated movies.

What animal is that? Hold on, I'll check the barcode

One of the biggest problems in cataloguing species is being able to tell whether a specimen is actually new or not. This week, for example, a sea eagle that had been believed to belong to a new species was discovered to be simply a variant on a known type.