Will Smith Says No to More ID4

Several years back, it was announced that there would be two sequels coming for ID4, one of the biggest sci-fi flicks of the ‘90’s. But the big question remained…would Will Smith return? Finally the speculation has ended, and Smith is taking a pass. 

Assassin's Creed and Independence Day 2 Get New Release Dates

We’re not exactly sure if this has anything to do with Star Wars finally getting an official release date, but quite a few movies have had their release dates shuffled around in the past several days. We just reported that The Fantastic Four got moved up from March 6, 2015 to June 19, 2015, and now the sequel to ID4 and the movie version of Assassin’s Creed have new release dates as well. 

Godzilla's Coming Back, Bigger Than Ever

Back in 1998, you may recall that Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin followed up their smash ID4 with a redo of Godzilla, which was dreadful. Now a new Godzilla movie, directed by Gareth Edwards, is coming next year, and apparently the new look of Godzilla has been revealed.

Will Michael B Jordan Replace Will Smith in ID4?

We’ve been reporting here on TGD for some time about the sequels to ID4, which Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin hope to get up and running soon. There’s been some debate as to whether Will Smith will come back or not, or whether or not Emmerich and Devlin can afford him. (Smith wants $25 million per sequel, or $50 mil for the whole shebang.) 

Is Will Smith Willing to Go Back to ID4?

It was announced some time ago that there will be two sequels to Independence Day that will go under the moniker ID Forever. Then there were reports going around that Will Smith’s asking price for the sequels was $50 million, or $25 million each. 

Talk of Independence Day sequels continue

You would have thought that with the incredible success of Independence Day that there would have been at least one sequel by now, but there’s only recently been any serious talk of one.

ID4 sequel details leak

There’s been talk of a sequel to Independence Day for a while. Actually two sequels, ID Forever Part I and Part II.

ID4 sequel inches forward

A potential sequel for the sci-fi action Independence Day (ID4) seems to be moving forward, slowly but surely. 

Yes, Stargate 2 is a terrible idea

Filmmaker Dean Devlin is talking about finally crafting a sequel to his hit sci-fi film Stargate.

Will there be an Independence Day 2?

Independence Day, or ID4 as most of us like to call it, was the big event blockbuster of 1996. 

Along with billions of others, I had enormous fun watching the film when it first hit theaters.

ID4 goes 3D on July 3

It’s been quite a blockbuster summer so far at the movies, with ginormous hits like The Avengers, and big flops like Battleship. 

Stargate/ID4 creator penning epic sci-fi series

A lot of top Hollywood talent is headed to the world of television these days. 

Cinematic earthquakes then and now

Disaster films were part of a genre that was popular for several years in the 70’s, with such movies as The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno, and Earthquake. 

M Night Shyamalan is ready for One Thousand AE

In recent years, Shyamalan’s star has faded, thanks to a lot of terrible, half-assed movies that didn’t live up to their initial promise.

Some thoughts on the Independence Day sequels

I still think ID4 is great for what it is, a big, dumb popcorn film where you can turn off your brain and have fun for two and a half hours.

How we’ve learned to love the end of the world

Remember when the world was supposed to end this past summer, but didn’t?

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day

Back in the day before movies played on many screens at once, I stood in my share of long lines to see the latest blockbuster.