Doom Hits Its 20th Anniversary

Another anniversary that will make you feel old…Doom just had its twentieth birthday. Things move very quickly in the video game world, and what’s today’s sensation can be forgotten in a hurry, but quite a few people are definitely celebrating the impact of Doom this week, and how it became a landmark for the first person shooter. 

John Carmack leaves iD, and PC gaming withers some more

You've got to go back to the 90s to truly appreciate how influential Carmack was and how he single handedly drove Microsoft to the Xbox. 

John Carmack becomes CTO of Oculus - OMFG!

The press release is out and the news is out of this world. The guy who defined the first person 3D gaming universe. The guy behind Quake, Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. The god of games, Mr. John Carmack, has gone all Oculus Rift on us, y'all.  

Video: The Lost Mission of Doom III BFG

Bethesda and id Software have posted the launch trailer for the long-awaited Doom 3 BFG.

Doom 3 BFG Edition gets a big bleeping trailer

Yes, it's coming.

Wolfenstein 3D is back... In a browser!

Wolfenstein 3D is 20 years old today. Feeling nostalgic? How about playing the game for free in your browser, courtesy of Bethesda?

PC gaming is dead, even id says so

If you've been following the video game industry at all over the last several years, you've probably heard that PC gaming is a dying breed, but when this company says it, you need to listen.

Latest id Software game draws Rage from PC gamers

In the great bastion that is the video game industry, there was one company that still catered to the few, the proud, the hardcore PC gamer.

Violent video game pioneer disputes aggression link

John Carmack, co-founder of id Software and creator of one of the first violent video games, has a stark disagreement with studies that link violent games to aggressive behavior.

Are FPS devs "snooty" about creativity?

id Software co-founder John Carmack believes certain FPS developers and critics have become rather "snooty" over the concept of creativity in the genre.

Game developer id Software doesn't like Windows Phone 7

Even though Microsoft would have you believe Windows Phone 7 is the most powerful video game platform on a mobile phone, leading PC game developer id Software and lead designer John Carmack disagrees.

Rage hits 60 FPS on Apple iPhone 4

QuakeCon 2010 - id Software's John Carmack demoed an impressive version of Rage running at an amazing 60 FPS on an iPhone 4.

Id's John Carmack to receive lifetime achievement award

The man credited with inventing the modern 3D first-person shooter, John Carmack will receive one of the gaming industry's top honors at the Game Developer's Choice Awards next month.