Claim: Apple IDs were stolen from BlueToad

, not the FBI

Anonymous hackers associated with AntiSec made headlines last week after members of the collective extracted and posted at least a million ID numbers associated with various Apple mobile devices.

Bethesda and id showcase Doom 3 BFG levels

Bethesda and id Software have posted a trailer showcasing new Doom 3 BFG levels in honor of QuakeCon 2012.

New Id game Rage to ship with full modding tool

Id Software Creative Director Tim Willits has revealed the PC version of Rage will have a powerful modding tool.

INTERPOL eyes biometric IDs for international workers and travelers

The world today is heavily interconnected. Every day, millions of people cross into a different country for work or vacation.

id Software chief says 3D gaming not ready for prime time

id Software chief Todd Hollenshead believes 3D gaming isn't at all ready for prime time.

Microsoft DCMA slapdown backfires

Redmond has reared its ugly head and roared, slamming government document tipster site Cryptome with a DMCA notice and getting the site taken down by its hosting provider, Network Solutions, all because it dared to post Microsoft’s boring and standard surveillance compliance policy.