Researchers find 3-million-year-old landscape beneath Greenland ice sheet

Glaciers and ice sheets are commonly thought to work like a belt sander. As they move over the land they scrape off everything — vegetation, soil and even the top layer of bedrock. So a team of university scientists and a NASA colleague were greatly surprised to discover an ancient tundra landscape preserved under the Greenland Ice Sheet, below two miles of ice.

Video: Mega-canyon found under Greenland ice sheet

Data from a NASA airborne science mission reveals evidence of a large and previously unknown canyon hidden under a mile of Greenland ice. The canyon has the characteristics of a winding river channel and is at least 460 miles (750 kilometers) long, making it longer than the Grand Canyon.

Methane emissions traced to Roman times

Human beings have been pumping methane into the atmosphere since Roman times, in enough quantity for it to show up in the Greenland ice sheet.

Greenland ice melting hits record breaking pace

Melting over the Greenland ice sheet has loudly shattered the seasonal record on August 8 - a full four weeks before the official close of the summer melting season.

Greenland ice sheet won't disappear all at once

Greenland's ice sheet is rapidly melting, but an international team of scientists say predicting its complete disappearance would be premature.

Octopus study reveals ice sheet collapse

Octopuses are intelligent creatures - but, all the same, you might not expect them to have much to say about climate change.

Greenland ice sheet on the slide

The Greenland Ice Sheet is accelerating in its slide into the ocean, like snow sliding off a roof on a sunny day.

Greenland ice sheet may melt completely

The Greenland ice sheet appears more vulnerable to global warming than previously thought, and could disappear altogether if global temperatures rise more than 1.6 degrees Celcius above pre-industrial levels.

Greenland lifts as ice sheet melts

Greenland's bedrock rose by more than three quarters of an inch in some places, following 2010's major loss of ice.

Fall in CO2 led to Antarctic ice sheet formation

The appearance of the Antarctic ice sheets was triggered by a massive fall in the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide, new research has found.

Antarctic images show ice sheet forming in unexpected way

The Antarctic ice sheet is forming and reforming in a completely different way to what was previously believed, a new study has revealed.

Greenland ice melt sets new record

Last year's melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet was the worst ever recorded, according to research from the City College of New York.