Transformer Prime bites into Ice Cream Sandwich

The Transformer Prime tablet has been upgraded to Android 4.0 a bit earlier than scheduled.

Freescale powers next-gen eReaders

Freescale has debuted its new i.MX 6SoloLite processor at CES 2012. The chip is designed to power the next generation of low-power sipping eReaders.

Huawei unveils world's slimmest smartphone

Emerging smartphone player Huawei has just introduced a phone that's about as slim as a piece of industrial urethane tape.

Lenovo introduces Ice Cream Sandwich TV

While there is still a lot of uncertainty about the future of Google TV as it stands now, Lenovo is ready to jump outside the box.

Galaxy Nexus may be heading to Sprint

The latest version of the Google-optimized smartphone line may have Sprint in its future.

Ice Cream Sandwich penetration is 0.6%

The latest Android fragmentation numbers are in.

Ice Cream Sandwich coming to Sony tablets

Sony is the latest company confirming its plans to upgrade to the newest version of Android.

Android 4.0 comes to Kindle Fire via hack

If you've been disappointed with the limited Android access on Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet, here's some good news.

Samsung reportedly rethinking Galaxy S upgrades

Just one business day after it was announced that Samsung's Galaxy S line of smartphones wouldn't be getting the latest version of Android, the company is having second thoughts.

Galaxy S owners: No Ice Cream Sandwich for You

The entire Galaxy S line, which not that long ago was Samsung's top-of-the-line Android smartphone brand, will not be eligible for upgrades to Android 4.0.

Update coming to Galaxy Nexus

It's the most up-to-date Android phone currently on the market but Verizon is apparently not fully satisfied with the Galaxy Nexus.

Sony Ericsson on Ice Cream Sandwich plans

Sony Ericsson, which has provided one of the most ambitious Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade promises to date, has released more details on the process and when it's set to begin.

Nexus S upgrades - Not so fast!

Just as soon as it was announced that the Nexus S phone would be getting the latest version of Android this month, Google has had to put an end to the process in some areas.

Ice Cream Sandwich comes to Nexus S

Google has managed to squeak out one more version of the newest iteration of Android before the holidays.

$300 Galaxy Nexus goes on sale

There is yet another $300 phone on sale from Verizon, and this one carries Google's prestigious "Nexus" name.

Yes, Transformer Prime will ship this month

Despite creeping rumors that Asus's ambitious new tablet was being put on hold, the company has confirmed it is 100% on schedule.

Video: Kindle Fire eats an Ice Cream Sandwich

An XDA-Dev member has managed to install Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4) on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

Intel wants a Medfield Ice Cream Sandwich

Intel has prepared a number of Android Ice Cream Sandwich "packages" for potential smartphones and tablets powered by Santa Clara’s upcoming Medfield processor.

Ice Cream Sandwich rolls out to Nexus S, for Google workers

If you want the latest and greatest in Google's mobile operating system, as of now you'll need to buy a Galaxy Nexus phone.

Indie devs code an x86 Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Indie devs are currently coding an x86 iteration of Google's popular Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4) operating system for mobile devices powered by AMD and Intel chips.