Jelly Beans are cool beans

The latest Android distribution statistics are out and they are promising. The number of devices running Jelly Bean is up by 8.5 percent from February and older versions are rapidly losing share.

MSI Enjoy Android tablet priced at $172

MSI is currently selling a low-cost, 7-inch tablet dubbed the Enjoy 71.

Gingerbread still most popular version of Android

Google may be releasing a slew of new smartphones and and tablets loaded with Jelly Bean goodness, but its legacy Gingerbread OS (2.3.x) still runs on approximately 54% of Android devices. 

LG released source for Optimus 2X ICS

LG has officially released the source to the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Optimus 2X phone.

What happened to Thunderbolt's ICS update?

Verizon's flagship 4G LTE smartphone still hasn't been upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Atrix 2 finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Motorola's successor to the Atrix phone is now getting its just desserts.

Motorola tablets get Ice Cream Sandwich

A number of Motorola tablets are now receiving updates to Android 4.0.

Acer not updating Iconia Tabs to Jelly Bean

Acer has become one of the first tablet manufacturers to specifically announce some of its devices won't ever move beyond Android 4.0.

HTC’s Jelly Bean One X+ is powered by a quad-core Tegra

AT&T and HTC have introduced the One X+, a slick Android smartphone powered by a 1.7GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core CPU paired with 64GB of internal storage.

Android Jelly Bean reaches 1.8%

The latest Android numbers are in.

FXI ships Android-powered Cotton Candy

FXI has begun shipping the Cotton Candy, a PC-on-a-stick that features an ARM Cortex-A9 processor paired with Mali 400 graphics. 

Motorola apologizes for lack of ICS

Now that it is under the Google umbrella, Motorola Mobility is apologizing for its lack of Ice Cream Sandwich updates.

Xperia Ion Ice Cream Sandwich update rolls out

As promised, Sony's Xperia Ion phone is getting Ice Cream Sandwich.

Jelly Bean grows at near record pace

The latest version of Google's mobile operating system is chugging along at a pretty fast pace.

Xperia Ion to get Ice Cream Sandwich this week

Sony's Xperia Ion will be getting Android 4.0 this week.

Verizon version of Galaxy Tab 10.1 get ICS

Finally, Verizon has signed off on an Ice Cream Sandwich update for its version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Total Android activations hit a half billion

Around 1.3 million Android devices are being activated on a daily basis.

How to root your Android HTC device with Quick Root

HTC Quick root - coded by XDA dev LyriquidPerfection - is designed to work with any Android HTC device. 

Thunderbolt gets Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

The process of getting Android 4.0 on Verizon's Thunderbolt is edging ever closer.

Toys R Us making its own tablet

Toys R Us has joined the trend of retail companies creating their own tablet hardware.