IBM makes phase-change memory breakthrough

IBM researchers have for the first time found a way of enabling phase-change memory to store data for longer, opening the way for low-cost, faster and more reliable memory applications.

Is Watson living up to his promises?

IBM held a special keynote event in New York today where it, among other things, discussed the future of Watson.

Opinion: Why I sympathize with Apple

We are always wowed by stories of technology companies that moved from kitchens and garages to become listed corporations worth billions of dollars - even though some were actually paper tigers which dramatically unravelled when the technology bubble went bust.

What's next for Watson? Or, should we say, Dr. Watson?

IBM's supercomputer Watson proved that it's able to understand human language enough to stomp out the best contestants in Jeopardy history like they were a couple of high school freshmen. Now, it has its sights on a much more meaningful goal.

Trailblazing Watson supercomputer wins at Jeopardy

In 1997, an IBM computer known as Deep Blue was able to defeat human chess superstar Garry Kasparov. Today, the computer company is saying it has been able to match the gravity of that accomplishment in an achievement for the 21st century.

Jeopardy's human v computer match: compelling first night

Nearly half a decade of hard work from some of the most intelligent computer engineers in the world, many of them holding PhD's in at least one field, culminated in an event that began on Monday. The results? [Spoiler Alert]

Tune to Jeopardy tonight for ultimate man vs machine battle

The time has come to see if a computer can actually possess the rational thought and skill needed to beat a human in the ultimate competition of knowledge - Jeopardy.

IBM: Graphene won't replace CPU silicon

IBM seems to have concluded that graphene won't be replacing silicon inside CPUs anytime soon.

IBM and ARM design next-gen mobile chips

IBM has confirmed that it is working with ARM to design a new generation of mobile processors optimized for both performance and power efficiency.

IBM's "Watson" computer beats human players in Jeopardy

After years of planning, IBM's learning, human-aware computer Watson was put to a competition like no other - a match of Jeopardy against quiz show heavyweights Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. The result - Watson won. Barely.

IBM finds differences in EV attitudes

Sure, a lot of big-shot auto execs believe sales of traditional gas-powered vehicles will peak before 2020, and are focusing their energies on electric vehicles (EVs) instead. But what do ordinary Americans believe when it comes to EVs?

IBM details next-gen Racetrack memory specs

IBM is developing a new class of memory that could eventually allow portable devices to store thousands of movies and run on a single battery for weeks at a time.

IBM sees a holographic future

Researchers at IBM predict that mobile smartphones will be capable of projecting holographic 3D images by the year 2015.

NATO targets the Cloud for improved command and control

NATO has selected IBM to participate in a strategic technology project aimed at improving data center efficiency and optimizing information sharing between its 28 member nations.

IBM hits terabit speeds with new chip technique

IBM has developed a new chip technology that integrates electrical and optical devices on the same piece of silicon, enabling data transfer using pulses of light.

HP picks battle hardened executives for Cloud Wars

HP’s Board had three big problems that Mark Hurd created or that resulted when he left.

IBM launches world's "fastest" computer chip

IBM is slated to ship the world's "fastest" computer chip on September 10th. But what will the 5.2 GHz microprocessor be used for?

IBM issues cyber-security warning

IBM has issued a rather dramatic cyber security warning alongside its mid-year X-Force Trend and Risk Report.

Apple shreds Papermaster over Antennagate

Apple is confirming the departure of iPhone-iPod chief Mark Papermaster, who was recruited from IBM less than two years ago.

IBM supercomputer to compete in Jeopardy

One wonders how long most human contestants spend practising for an appearance on the quiz show Jeopardy!. It's probably not as long as IBM's Watson supercomputer, which is finally ready to play after three years' hard work.