'Holey Optochip' transfers a terabit per second

IBM scientists have produced a prototype optical chipset that can transfer a whacking terabit of data per second - the equivalent of downloading 500 high definition movies.

IBM touts quantum computing breakthrough

Big Blue has announced "major advances" in quantum computing device performance that could ultimately help accelerate the design of a practical, full-scale quantum system.

IBM maps electric charge in single molecule

Big Blue's long had a fascination with the tiny, and now IBM scientists have for the first time been able to measure how charge is distributed within a single molecule.

Rumor: Xbox 720 chip in production

A new report indicates that Microsoft has kicked off initial production of its Oban chip which is slated to power the next-gen Xbox (720/Next) game console.

IBM creates 12-atom storage device

IBM has discovered how to store a bit of information in just 12 atoms, compared with the million or so normally required.

IBM tops patent application league

Patents are where it's at these days, and for the 19th year in a row IBM is at the top of the pile with 6,180 patents granted during 2011.

Google bolsters patent stockpile with IBM buy

Google's boosted its growing patent portfolio by buying hundreds more from IBM, which it hopes will help it in its battle to fight off litigation.

Should Google buy BMC to secure its cloud?

If it wasn't for IBM there wouldn’t be a Microsoft.

Mind reading just five years away, says IBM

In five years' time, we'll be reading one another's minds, according to IBM eggheads' annual 5 in 5 predictions.

Report: Xbox 720 chip tapes out

Microsoft has reportedly taped out a next-gen chip for its upcoming Xbox 720 console.

On Steve Jobs and digital immortality

There is a video currently going around Twitter that shows Steve Jobs discussing the concept of a Smart TV back in 1998. Clearly, he thought it was a stupid idea.

Watson's next victory: defeating cardiologists

After taking on Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings, IBM supercomputer Watson's ability to defeat cardiologists in a recent demonstration may not seem too astounding, but it is symbolic.

How to create a better world - the IBM way

I’m at IBM’s millennial event in New York - a conference which is focused on attempting to define what makes for great leadership.

Google snaps up another thousand patents

Google's snaffled another big haul of patents, aiming to bolster Android against its recent legal assaults from Apple.

We're energy dummies, IBM study says

A recent study by IBM claims that energy consumers around the globe do not have the basic information or the proper incentives to make better energy choices.

3M and IBM want to build silicon towers

3M and IBM have kicked off a joint effort to develop the first adhesives capable of packaging semiconductors into densely stacked silicon "towers."

IBM builds 120 petabyte "drive"

IBM is currently building a 120 petabyte "drive" - or storage repository - that will eventually comprise 200,000 conventional HDDs.

Portland, IBM team up to solve carbon issues

Portland, Oregon is getting a little help from computer giant IBM to help see how it can reach various city goals, including reducing its carbon emissions over the next several decades.

IBM designs chips that mimic the human brain

IBM researchers have created experimental computer chips designed to experience the world and learn in the same way as the human brain.

IBM scraps supercomputer plans

IBM and the University of Illinois have pulled the plug on the petaflop speed supercomputer they've been building since 2008.