Understanding the convoluted Windows path: How did it get so screwed up?

Windows XP is now officially obsolete. The OS is a malware magnet, yet Microsoft dropped support for it this month. A lot of folks are, or shortly will be, screwed.

Can we live in a world where machines are smarter than we are?

I participated in a deep dive on IBM’s Watson earlier this week and walked away realizing in a few short years there will be machines in the world that are far smarter than we are.  

Senate waters down Patent Reform to appease trolls

US senators once again proved themselves sock-puppets for big US corporate interests by watering down a bill designed to protect innovators from patent trolls.

Cisco, Microsoft and IBM paying a price in China for NSA shenanigans

It appears that Cisco Microsoft and IBM are paying the price for the US government's addiction to spying on the Internet.

Nvidia teams up with IBM

IBM and Nvidia have announced plans to work on accelerated GPUs for use on IBM Power Systems.

Using NFC as a secure smart card reader

IBM scientists have developed a new mobile authentication security technology based on the radio standard known as near-field communication (NFC). The technology provides an extra layer of security when using an NFC-enabled device and a contact-less smart card to conduct mobile transactions.

ARM: IBM Power licensing is "validation" of IP model

Following the news that IBM is seeking to claw back more market share with its Power chips by adopting an ARM-style attitude to licencing, ARM's CMO and EVP business development has told TechEye the adoption of this model serves as a validation to its approach.In an interview, Drew ...

IBM will diagnose your ills

IBM is packing off its Watson software to the health industry where it is going to be telling people what is wrong with them.

COBOL is alive and well at IBM

IBM has been tinkering under the bonnet of its ancient COBOL server platform and updated the mainframe platform so it can host cloud based applications and services.

Robots will soon rule the roost

Robots will start replacing human brains by 2045 and artificially intelligent machines may be capable of doing anything that humans can, including standing in line for new Apple products.

IBM sells itself short

IBM lost a lucrative government contract because it made a bid for the work which was too low.

Lotus 1-2-3 is dead

IBM has decided to finally lay to rest the second killer app of the PC - the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet.

IBM smashes the atom record

Scientists from IBM have created the world’s smallest film, made with thousands of atoms.

M-commerce gets IBM all excited

M-commerce is continuing to grow in the retail space, a report has suggested.

Lenovo tipped to buy IBM X86 business

Just as Lenovo started climbing the ladder to become a top PC seller when it picked up IBM's PC business, it is now rumoured to be in early discussion about buying Big Blue's x86 server business.

Big Data name of enterprise software game

A report from IDC said the market for enterprise software worldwide showed conservative growth during 2012.

Sales go awry for SAP in Asia

The maker of expensive management software, SAP, is having some trouble making sales in Asia.

Dead president Chavez becomes target of phishing attacks

Con artists immediately began tailoring mass mailouts around the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez when the news broke, according to a report from Kaspersky Lab. There have been riots there, too.

The impossible task of fixing Apple

It is rather interesting to watch Apple’s slide and read the speculation about what Cupertino needs to do to turn itself around. 

IBM beat Accenture by using leaked info

Big Blue is in hot water in Australia after it admitted using "leaked information" to win a multi-million dollar Queensland Health payroll contract.