BMW's electric i3 hits the road

BMW formally unveiled its first mass production electric car, the i3, yesterday to a global audience. It is the first product of the German automaker’s i sub-brand of green cars, and will price for around $41,350 before tax rebates and the like. Release plans here in the United States are set for the second quarter of next year.

BMW details i3 electric car

BMW has driven a long road towards the development of production-ready electric vehicles for its worldwide audience. Looking back over our archives, we note the first instance we reported on being word of the German automaker testing out its ActiveE electric vehicle concept back in December of 2009.

BMW i3 concept coupe - zeroing in on an EV

BMW, taking another step toward selling electric cars under its i brand sometime later next year, is showcasing its latest concept vehicles at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

BMW i3 concept spotlights sustainability 

BWM's electric i3 Concept - slated for production in 2013 - will get fresh play at the Paris Motor Show, and the automaker really wants you to stick your head inside the car this time.