Hyundai teases new fuel cell vehicle

Hyundai, fresh off the buzz that it will be doing a limited American release of its fuel cell vehicle next year, is advancing further into this niche auto market segment with word of a hydrogen powered concept.

Hyundai's fuel cell vehicle to hit US roads in 2014

We’ve talked at length here before about how Hyundai seemingly has the lead in the race to bring mass production fuel cell vehicles to market. Already effectively doing this in Europe, the South Korean automaker has now dropped a bombshell of an announcement in the United States with plans to make a limited offering available to retail customers starting next spring.

Toyota revamps Yaris Hybrid

Does the idea of a supercharged Yaris hybrid concept excite you? Toyota seems to think it should, recently teasing out an image that many speculated was something based upon the “existing Yaris Hybrid sold in Europe.” Now the truth has come out – it is indeed Toyota’s little sub-compact in a zippy package, known as the Yaris Hybrid-R concept.

Gesture recognition gets a thumbs up

“With the wave of a hand” may move from magicians’ banter to car salesman’s description within a few years. Many automakers and suppliers are racing to devise gesture recognition that lets drivers manage complex functions without being distracted.Hyundai previewed some of its concepts for gesture control of an ...

Hyundai supersizes rooftop solar

Hyundai says the rooftop solar power system it will install at its Asan plant in South Korea, with a generating capacity of 10 megawatts, will be the largest in the country – and it’s right up there with the biggest single-site rooftop installations in the world.

Hyundai's T10 tablet is powered by a quad-core Exynos processor

Hyundai recently debuted a quad-core Android tablet. Boasting a 10-inch screen, the T10 can be thought of as the big brother to the T7 we discussed back in January.

Hyundai T7S tablet packs a Samsung quad-core processor and more for $186

Hyundai is bumping up the specs of its seven-inch T7S tablet.

Hyundai details 2013 Sonata Hybrid

Korean automaker Hyundai, even as it becomes the first to begin assembly-line production of zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered vehicles, continues to focus on other types of green vehicle technology.

Hyundai's $166 T7 Android tablet is powered by a quad-core Exynos chip

Hyundai has rolled out a $166 entry-level Android tablet. The T7 features some fairly impressive specs for the above-mentioned price point, including a quad-core 1.4 GHz Samsung Exynos 4412 processor.

Hyundai to start "limited mass production" of fuel cell car

Are fuel cell vehicles a better long-term bet than battery-powered cars? 

Hyundai’s fuel cell vehicle is almost ready to roll

Is the finish line for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in sight for Hyundai?

Walking Dead zombie survival machine hits Comic-Con

A few weeks back we got a glimpse of what auto manufacturer Hyundai was planning for Comic-Con 2012 San Diego in conjunction with the creator of The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead creator designs a zombie survival machine

I'm a big fan of the TV show The Walking Dead, although I must confess I've never read any of the actual comics that inspired the series.

Hyundai teases slick i-oniq EV

Hyundai, like other auto manufacturers, likes to put a little sexy behind concept car designs.

Hyundai's hydrogen Tucson ix FCEV debuts

Hyundai introduced their latest hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV), the Tucson ix FCEV, at the Washington, D.C. Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Conference recently. 

Hyundai preps third-gen hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Forget all the buzz about current electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. That’s right - Hyundai recently completed the development phase of its third-gen hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, dubbed the Tucson ix.

Electric buses begin to roll in Seoul

Those riding buses in South Korea now have a greener option available to them as the Seoul Metropolitan Government recently announced it had begun commercial operations of full-size electric buses on its Mt. Namsan circular routes.

HD Radio gets new slate of support from BMW, Ford, others

At the New York International Auto Show, the company behind HD Radio technology announced that seven automakers have renewed their commitment to providing HD Radio as a standard feature.