This fuel cell keeps going when hydrogen runs out

When a solid-oxide fuel cell runs out of hydrogen, it takes about 15 seconds for the electrochemical reaction to wind down. Think of it as a little dose of free energy.

Neighbor galaxies had near miss in the past

Astronomers have confirmed the existence of a 'bridge' of hydrogen gas connecting two of our neighboring galaxies, indicating that they may once have brushed together.

Turning sunlight into hydrogen

A novel design might be the next big breakthrough in the pursuit of hydrogen from clean sources.

Could nuclear help birth the hydrogen economy?

New nuclear plants could be adapted to make hydrogen for fuel, an Austrian scientist told the world’s largest scientific society.

Cheap hydrogen cars could roll out in a decade

A new process for producing fuel cells could help bring the cost of hydrogen cars down significantly within 10 years, researchers claim.

Nuclear plants could produce clean hydrogen

Nuclear power plants can produce hydrogen to fuel the 'hydrogen economy', say scientists from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna.

Robotic jellyfish fueled by seawater

Engineers have built a robotic jellyfish, fueled by hydrogen, which they say could be used in underwater rescue missions.

More efficient hydrogen fuel cells created

A team from the University of Central Florida reckons it's found a way to make hydrogen fuel cells much cheaper to build - and more efficient.

'Nanoforest' turns water to hydrogen fuel

University of California, San Diego electrical engineers are building a forest of tiny nanowire trees in order to capture solar energy and harvest it for hydrogen fuel generation.

The strange haze of the Milky Way galaxy

New images from the European Space Agency’s Planck mission have revealed previously undiscovered islands of star formation, along with a mysterious haze of microwave emissions in our Milky Way galaxy.

Hydrogen and Alane, the new power couple

Hydrogen - the ever-illusive solution to our energy problems. 

Putting fuel cell cost on the chopping block

Hydrogen fuel cells can provide power to off-grid areas, power vehicles and even generate baseload power for the electric grid. 

They are also silent and emissions-free.

Apple patents promise fuel cell-powered laptops

Apple appears to be looking at the possibility of powering notebooks using hydrogen fuel cells - potentially giving them a battery life of weeks.

Russia wants to colonize the moon

The moon may be a harsh mistress, but Russian scientists say they want to establish a colony below the lunar surface.

Team finds 'inexhaustible' source of energy

A couple of grains of salt could be all that's needed to help bacteria produce hydrogen from wastewater or organic byproducts.

Bacteria generate electricity from waste

Five percent of the electricity consumed in the United States is used to power our water infrastructure.

New alloy could split water to make fuel

A team of Kentucky scientists has found a way to 'tweak' an inexpensive semiconductor to generate hydrogen from water using sunlight.

Hydrogen fuel cells powered by sewage

Southern California drivers who are on the transportation cutting edge - tooling around in hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles - will soon have a new option for filling up. 

Hydrogen fuel cell lit up shuttle launch

NASA might not be looking ahead to launching anything new into space these days, but some innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology lit up operations on the ground at the 135th and final mission for the Space Shuttle Program.

MIT persuades algae to make hydrogen fuel

Scientists at MIT, Tel Aviv University and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory say they've found a way to use algae to make four times as much fuel as before.