Used EV batteries put to work

As older hybrids and electric cars start to reach the end of the life cycle for the high density batteries installed in them, research has been going on to what exactly can be done with the energy storage devices to keep them out of landfill.

Report: Hybrids are becoming more affordable

Are all hybrids created equally? Certainly not, especially when you consider how many of them have overall ownership costs which are now considered lower than their all gas counterparts. That’s one of the main takeaways from recent research data released by Vincentric around this topic.

Toyota: Not just hybrids, wants the "ultimate" urban transportation system

Toyota may be singing the praises of hybrids around the world, but it is also tinkering with electric cars as a future low carbon get around town and beyond option. It’s been testing out a concept urban transportation system in its area of Japan called Ha:mo, and now it plans to greatly expand this trial in multiple ways.

Toyota teases new Prius details

It is rare when a extended family has a reunion, bringing members of a clan from around the world to one spot to talk of common traits and share in family lore. Toyota did this recently though, bringing together for the first time all of its environmentally focused vehicles, mostly consisting of hybrids, to one place.

Slow and silent? Porsche set to hybridize every one of its models, including the 911

Don’t think for a red-hot second that this spells some kind of neutering of Porsche’s fire-breathing sporting machines. Hybrids don’t have to be wimpy, just look at the Porsche 918 Spyder supercar for a perfect example.

Toyota teases Camatte57s electric concept car

Toyota is mostly focused upon hybrids as its green car strategy globally, especially given the strong success of the Prius.

Video: "Hybrids" short is classic sci-fi

Anyone who routinely watches short films or fan made projects on YouTube knows all too well that most end up falling rather short.

Intel's Haswell ships with a bug

Intel's "Haswell" chip is now shipping to major PC makers, despite the fact that it has a bug which causes your USB drive to disappear.

Not all EVs are created equal

Remember the argument that electrified vehicles like hybrids, plug-in hybrids, "range-extended" hybrids, and electric vehicles are supposedly not as "clean" as gasoline-only autos?

Ford making inroads against Toyota

Ford, striving to compete in a domestic green vehicle market long dominated by Toyota and its Prius, seems to be making some in-roads against the Japanese automaker in the short time it has been making hybrids.

Will hybrids survive the onslaught of more efficient gasoline engines?

People who are shopping for green and efficient cars have a number of choices on the market today.

Green car sales drop way, way down

Is the green car industry pushing forward with unbridled optimism at the moment despite lackluster sales?