Fisker to replace battery packs on 640 Karma sedans

I happen to think the Fisker Karma hybrid is one of the sleekest green cars to ever hit the streets. The car will haul four people in style - when it works.

Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid hits the track

German automaker Porsche is responsible for some of the most iconic sports cars ever designed, including the venerable 911 and other notable vehicles for both the street and the racetrack.

EV reality sets in as consumers favor fuel-efficient vehicles

For many years, major auto shows attendees could count on seeing new hybrid or electric vehicles being heavily marketed.

Infiniti Emerg-E Is hybrid porn on wheels

It is sexy. It is sleek. Alas, it is only a concept. What am I rattling about? The Infiniti Emerg-E hybrid design unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

Audi revs R18 hybrid racecar for Le Mans

The infamous Le Mans race is particularly grueling for both race cars and drivers, as it runs for a full 24 hours with rest stops only permitted for refueling, driver changes and tire swaps.

Toyota teases new hybrid concept car

Days ahead of its debut at the Geneva Auto Show, Toyota has released a teaser video and a few images of its new hybrid concept car, the FT-Bh. 

US Army hybrid a dune buggy on steroids

The ongoing Chicago Auto show features the latest concept vehicles, hybrids and electric vehicles. It also features something a little less likely - the U.S. Army's brand new Quantum Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle.

This BMW i8 prototype likes the snow

An early version of the BMW i8 first debuted back in 2009 - with the first iteration of the vehicle originally sporting the Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics name.

Why Heather Peters took on Honda and won

People all around the country came down hard on both sides of a recent lawsuit which pitched California resident Heather Peters against auto giant Honda.

Honda forced to cough up $9,867 over hybrid mileage claims

Last month, we reported that Southern California resident Heather Peters had filed a suit against Honda in small claims court.

Toyota hybrid racer ready to roll

Japanese automaker Toyota hasn't participated in a Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) endurance race since 1999.

Toyota rolls out Prius c Hybrid

When Toyota launched the world's first mass produced hybrid in Japan in 1997, it felt like a bit of a gamble for the huge Japanese auto maker.

Honda showcases Accord plug-in hybrid

Honda has been pumping out its Accord model since 1976. In 2005, a short-lived hybrid model was launched, which, because of slow sales and not-too-impressive fuel economy, only lasted until the 2007 model year.

Ford showcases 2013 Fusion

Ford has gone official with its long-awaited 2013 Fusion midsize sedan. The vehicle boasts a sweet new design with some definite Jaguar influence.

Fisker recalls Karma hybrids over fire risk

The Fisker Karma is one of the most attractive and expensive plug-in hybrid vehicles on the market today. The vehicle starts at a cool $103,000 and so far, only a handful of the cars have been produced and sold.

A hybrid solar power/thermal cooling system!?

We've covered a few promising hybrid solar photovoltaic/solar thermal heating systems in the past.

Toyota Prius C hybrid ready to roll

The Toyota Prius C made its debut this year as a concept at the Detroit Auto Show. 

When we see it at next year's show, the new, five-door subcompact edition of the popular hybrid will be ready for prime time.

Mercedes rolls out F 125 concept car

Luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz is celebrating 125 years in business and debuting a brand new futuristic hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Germany at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 to mark the auspicious occasion.

U.S. military touts benefits of energy advances

A lean, mean fighting machine - that's the old expression. But by embracing new energy technologies, the U.S. military is aiming to be a lean, mean and green fighting machine. 

Fisker Karma hybrid showcased in Monaco

Luxury manufacturer Fisker Automotive recently debuted the first production line model of its plug-in hybrid vehicle, called the Karma, at this year’s Formula One Monaco Grand Prix.