Kia Cross GT is one tricked-out hybrid

Kia Motors, besides showing off the unique Superman themed Optima Hybrid at the ongoing 2013 Chicago Auto Show, also unveiled a hybrid crossover concept meant to hint at a new push the brand is trying to go in automotive design and luxury looks.

Nissan Resonance is a sleek hybrid concept

Nissan recently unveiled a sleek crossover design concept sporting a hybrid electric drivetrain option.

Acura's NSX sports car is loaded with a V-6 and three electric motors

Honda manufactured the Acura NSX sports car for a number of years, with production running from 1990-2005 until the vehicle was retired.

Cupp designs a hybrid ARM-x86 gaming system

Cupp has designed a hybrid ARM-x86 gaming platform for Origin's 11-inch EON11-S laptop lineup.

Lexus designs a tricked-out hybrid ride for Santa

Lexus has developed a tricked-out hybrid ride concept for Santa just in time for Christmas, letting him cruise the world in a more carbon friendly style.

Toyota prices its 2013 hybrid lineup

As the year slowly winds down, Toyota is officially confirming some of the latest pricing details on its growing lineup of 2013 hybrid models.

Controversy over Ford hybrid mileage claims

I think we can all agree that driving style and road conditions have a significant impact on how fuel efficient a vehicle actually is.

Video: A closer look at Ford's EV+ hybrid vehicle tech

Ford recently introduced a new feature that allows drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles to achieve more electric-only driving distance.

Toyota the juggernaut of hybrids with 4.6 million sold

Toyota, focused mostly on a green car strategy that favors hybrids over electric cars, has without a doubt become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the hybrid world with vehicles like the Prius.

A staggering 112 MPG on a Jaguar? If it’s a hybrid, yes

Jaguar recently entered its XJ_e experimental plug-in hybrid into a competition in the United Kingdom known as the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) Future Car Challenge.

Toyota details Avalon Hybrid specs

Toyota has kicked off production of a number of new vehicles, including its flagship Avalon Hybrid which is slated to arrive at dealerships by the beginning of December.

Tekked-out Prius is definitely one very techie hybrid

What would it take you to get excited about a Toyota Prius? 

Even as more hybrids enter the market and move beyond stereotypes, many folks consider the most popular one not to their liking for a variety of reasons.

Hagora hybrid goes beyond green

Away from the buzz of the usual green car announcements at the recent Paris Motor Show, one Segula Technologies was quietly showcasing a hybrid car concept that seems somewhat different.

Hybrid or electric? Green car idea proposes a little of both

Hybrid or electric? That's a question many green car drivers ask themselves when they consider what vehicle to purchase.

Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid rules fuel efficiency

Ford has been putting up some very impressive official Environmental Protection Agency fuel efficiency numbers with both its 2013 Fusion Hybrid and C-Max Hybrid.

VW 2013 Jetta hybrid ready for the roads

Volkswagen recently announced pricing and trim levels for its upcoming 2013 Jetta Hybrid. 

Ford Fusion hybrid gets top fuel efficiency marks

American automaker Ford was recently crowing about its upcoming Fusion Hybrid.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo dazzles hybrid ideas

Porsche has unveiled a sleek concept the automaker says "unites the next generation hybrid drive with new ideas for an evolutionary, sporty body concept." 

Toyota Auris Touring Sports a nice little hybrid

Toyota certainly isn't wasting any time implementing its plan to debut 21 new hybrid models by the end of 2015. 

Toyota lowers expectations for electric vehicles

Toyota has invested a massive amount of R&D in an effort to accelerate the development of hybrid drivetrains for automobiles.