Deep Orange 3 is a sleek hybrid car

Clemson University in South Carolina is known for its International Center for Automotive Research, and in particular the Deep Orange sustainable mobility program. We profiled one of the program’s first concept vehicles designed by students back in 2010, and now those involved in it have just unveiled their third next generation ride known as Deep Orange 3.

Battery Powered Planes Are Almost Here

Battery operated airplanes. Yeah, sure, if they’re the kind you can buy at Toys R Us, right? So many people have a fear of flying, would they possibly feel comfortable in a real battery operated plane? 

VW Jetta hybrid rockets down Bonneville salt flats

Just how fast can you drive your VW Jetta? Would you take it for a spin at 185 miles per hour? 

A $529 million loan - to manufacture cars in Finland?!

The Obama administration is taking a lot of heat for handing out $529 million to Fisker Automobile who then turned around and manufactured a luxury vehicle in Finland.

These Russian hybrid cars are actually affordable

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov is best known to Americans as the owner of the New Jersey Nets NBA franchise.