Can Hunger Games go on without Gary Ross?

As The Hunger Games continues its successful run at the box office, there are reports that negotiations for the second film - Catching Fire - didn’t exactly go smoothly between Lionsgate and Games director Gary Ross. 

Hunger Games video game is in the works

Hunger Games movie studio Lionsgate says adapting the title as a video game is a "no-brainer."

Hunger Games book sales rivaling Twilight

It's no surprise Hunger Games had an enormous opening weekend at the box office, although still not the biggest of all time. 

The Hunger Games VS. Battle Royale

If the storyline of The Hunger Games seems a bit familiar, well, tales about people fighting each other to the death in some dystopian future gone mad isn’t exactly new.

Did 24 the movie just dodge a bullet?

We recently reported that the big screen version of the show 24 had fallen apart over budget concerns.

Hunger Games sells over a million tickets

It's certainly been a long wait for The Hunger Games, but the film is finally going to hit theaters this Friday, March 23. 

3D for Jurassic Park, but not Hunger Games

It's been rumored for some time, and it's obviously a natural, but now it's official that the first Jurassic Park movie will be converted to 3D. 

The Avengers are almost here

It won't hit theaters before The Hunger Games, but on May 4 The Avengers will satisfy our hunger for superheroes quicker than The Dark Knight Rises, which arrives on July 20. 

Hunger Games ticket sales and reviews are on fire

I've heard stories about movies that were so big on opening day that theaters would actually keep screenings going twenty four hours to satisfy demand.

Hunger Games hits critical mass

As the release date for The Hunger Games gets closer, critical mass is growing in terms of box office expectations and fan anticipation, the latter of which is especially off the charts.

Hunger Games ready for a huge opening weekend

The Hunger Games is quite possibly the most anticipated movie of the year right behind The Dark Knight Rises, and tracking on the film (which is Hollywood shorthand for awareness and interest) is huge. 

The Hunger Games is already a winner

You knew this wouldn’t take long. The first day tickets for The Hunger Games went on sale a month before the film’s release date, and it’s already breaking records. 

Can John Carter overcome troubled buzz?

As we've reported before here on TG, the "buzz" you'll hear about upcoming films isn't always accurate. 

In the case of Titanic, many predicted doom before it became the biggest box office hit in history.

Waiting for The Hunger Games

A new trailer for The Hunger Games has gone live, which will be airing during Super Bowl Sunday on February 5. 

In-canon blog appears for Hunger Games film

A new tumblr blog - which is being written in-canon for the upcoming Hunger Games adaptation - went live this week.

Battle Royale arrives in time for The Hunger Games

I very clearly recall the controversy over the Japanese movie Battle Royale, which never actually had an official release in the States.

Gary Ross talks Hunger Games

Reading the Hunger Games books penned by Suzanne Collins obviously won't be a prerequisite for millions of people waiting to see the hotly anticipated film on opening day.

Hunger Games gets detailed

Other than The Dark Knight Rises, there’s probably no greater anticipation for a 2012 movie than The Hunger Games.

Buying tickets for Hunger Games and Dark Knight

The two most anticipated movies of the year are undoubtedly Hunger Games and Dark Knight. Luckily, you can already order tickets for the latter film.

Hunger Games most anticipated movie of 2012

As we've recently reported, there's a lot of big geek movies coming this year, and according to a new poll, The Hunger Games, hitting theaters on March 23, is the most anticipated.