Jennifer Lawrence and the $10 million Hunger Games deal

It seems like Jennifer Lawrence is now officially a major movie star. 

House at the End of the Street trailer hides the sister

Relativity Media has released a new trailer for its upcoming startle flick.

On Hunger Games: Catching Fire

With the next installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, about a month away from shooting, there's several other developments happening around the franchise. 

Why Battle Royale won't work as a TV show

I’m a big fan of Battle Royale and can't help but find it amusing that Hollywood tried to bring the film back just as Hunger Games was hitting theaters.

Anticipation builds for Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Phillip Seymour Hoffman has officially joined The Hunger Games and will be playing Plutarch Heavensbee in Catching Fire.

Plutarch Heavensbee joins The Hunger Games

After becoming one of the biggest movies of the year, The Hunger Games hit a speed bump when director Gary Ross left the franchise because he didn't think he could get the film up and running in time to meet the studio deadline. 

Who's next for The Hunger Games?

As fans of The Hunger Games know, the next film in the series, Catching Fire, is currently slated to hit theaters next Thanksgiving, November 22, 2012, which means the movie will start shooting very soon.

Catching Fire seeks co-star

The second Hunger Games film needs a new male lead, and a few up and coming names in genre projects have been offered up for consideration.

Hunger Games is coming to Blu-ray and DVD

We've see the fans of Twilight, or the Twi-hards as they're called, line up at the local Best Buy at midnight for the home video release of the teen vampire flicks.

Pixar alumni joining forces for Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Pixar usually comes up as an example of great storytelling when you talk to people who know the craft of screenwriting. 

From Hunger Games to Houdini

So we all know now that Gary Ross, the man who helmed the Hunger Games, won’t be back for the next installment, Catching Fire. 

The Avengers are already breaking records

As we've been reporting in recent weeks, fan anticipation for The Avengers is borderline insane.

Hunger Games news roundup

While it may have finally slipped down from the #1 spot on the box office charts, there's still plenty going on in the world of Hunger Games, especially with the cast getting used to a new director.

The Avengers is officially a winner

The Avengers is currently the most anticipated movie of the year, perhaps even more so than The Hunger Games, Prometheus or Dark Knight Rising.

New Hunger Games director selected

As we all know, Hunger Games is the most popular film in America right now. It’s been on top of the box office charts for a month straight, and it doesn’t look like its reign at the top will end any time soon.

The methods of Dark Knight director Chris Nolan

Yes, Hunger Games and Avengers are currently the most anticipated movies of the year, but the last installment of Dark Knight is absolutely going to be a big deal when it hits theaters on July 20.

The search for a Hunger Games director is on

The Hunger Games is still the number one movie in the country, going on its fourth week at the top of the box office charts, a feat no film has done since Avatar.

Hunger Games still on top of the box office

The Hunger Games is a impressive phenomenon that many people hadn’t even heard of until the adaptation of the wildly popular novels hit theaters and became the #1 movie in the country.

Yes, Gary Ross is officially done with Hunger Games

Lionsgate apparently tried its very best to hold it all together, but to no avail. 

If someone has to take over Hunger Games...

You knew this list was going to turn up on the ‘Net soon enough, especially with negotiations continuing in a frantic attempt to keep director Gary Ross attached to the wildly successful Hunger Games franchise.