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While the reviews for Divergent have been pretty lackluster, there’s little doubt it’s going to be a big hit at the box office. In fact, one major ticket buying site reports that 80% of advance sales are for Divergent’s opening weekend, with 93% of fans wanting to see it opening weekend. 

Divergent: Official Reviews Are In

There’s been a lot of hype and expectations for Divergent, which we at TGD have been calling Hunger Games Lite. At least that’s what it looks like to us, although teen dystopia stories are very popular these days, and the book was a big hit with young adults.

Divergent is Tracking Huge

While we’re not eager about the upcoming movie Divergent, which we like to call “Hunger Games Lite” here at TGD, there is a big fan base for the books, and according to reports, there’s a huge groundswell of people looking forward to seeing it at the movies.

Hunger Games Catching Fire Officially One of the Biggest Movies of All Time

While dystopian stories for teens and young adults may not last forever, The Hunger Games and Diversion are certainly going to milk the genre for all its worth. The Hunger Games should especially stay strong until the movies finally wrap up in 2015, and Catching Fire is now officially one of the biggest grossing films of all time. 

Catching Fire Knocks Iron Man 3 Off the Box Office Throne

Just as what we’ve called The Console Wars had a surprise ending, the big box office race of 2013 also had an interesting twist as well. Not so much a surprise ending really, but another big movie has unseated Iron Man 3 as the box office champ of 2013.

Barnes and Noble Has a Tough Xmas

If you love to read, or love to write, the end of bookstores as we know it is a sad development that’s been coming for a long time. And apparently without a big blockbuster like a Fifty Shades of Grey supporting it, the book business continues to be in trouble.

The Most Anticipated Movie of 2014 Is...

We just did our upcoming 2014 preview of genre movies. It will be a big year for sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and dystopian future stories, and one site has weighed in on what’s the most anticipated movie of the year.

Could Takashi Miike Give Hunger Games a Bloody Run For the Money?

Everybody pretty much knows about the Hunger Games, but not many people may  know about director Takashi Miike, other than his movies are very bloody, and the movie Ichi the Killer was the visual inspiration for The Joker in The Dark Knight. 

Could Catching Fire Make a Billion?

We all knew The Hunger Games: Catching Fire would make a big pile of money, that was a given. Yet the first week, it only came out a little bit ahead of the original. What a difference a holiday makes. 

Hunger Games Has a Huge Weekend, But Iron Man Still Reigns

Everybody knew The Hunger Games was going to be an enormous movie, that’s a given, and it indeed pulled in an enormous haul of $307 million world-wide. While it clearly beat the original’s opening weekend by a good $9 million domestically, it still hasn’t beaten the current record set by Iron Man 3.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Projections

Hunger Games: Catching Fire is going to be a huge movie. Duh. No big news flash there. We all know the next installment of the Hunger Games is going to be ginormous. The question is, how huge, and will it blow away the original?

Hunger Games Catching Fire is On Fire in Ticket Pre-Sales

The second Hunger Games installment, Catching Fire, is well over a month and a half away from release on November 22. But you can get your tickets early, and according to several reports it’s already doing big business nearly two months in advance.

Hunger Games Catching Fire to Score Huge at the Box Office

The next installment of The Hunger Games is of course going to make big money at the box office. How big? What are the box office pundits predicting? Try $950 million world-wide.

The CW redevelops The Selection

Casting has begun for the dystopian fantasy serial retooling.

Battle Royale series is no more

Well, here’s a big surprise. Yes, the Battle Royale TV show that was in development at the CW network isn't going forward.

Are there too many Hunger Games out there?

No, we’re not saying three Hunger Games books, or four Hunger Games movies, are too much.

Fox eyes Del Toro for Apes sequel

The reimagined Planet of the Apes franchise is in need a new director.

Post-apocalyptic Revolution has a big debut

Revolution is one of three trillion shows and movies JJ Abrams has in development, and you’ve almost certainly seen the ubiquitous promos for it by now.

From Hunger Games to Peter Pan?!

Gary Ross is a screenwriter/director whose work I've always enjoyed. 

There's so many movies that come out that anybody could direct that have no distinctive point of view, but Ross has penned and helmed some wonderfully unique films like Big, Dave, and Seabiscuit.

The fashion of Hunger Games

All throughout the Olympics we’ve been seeing the commercials for the show Revolution, which will debut in September, and there was something already familiar about the show I couldn’t put my finger on.