This Hummingbird board is pre-Arduino

Hummingbird is targered at precocious young modders - but we want one anyways.

Boeing Phantom Ray takes to the skies

The Boeing Phantom Ray unmanned airborne system (UAS) recently completed its first flight at Edwards Air Force Base - achieving an altitude of 7,500 feet and reaching a speed of 178 knots.

Hummingbird spy drone developed for DARPA

Under a contract from DARPA, AeroVironment Unmanned Aircraft Systems has created a hummingbird spy drone, the first two-wing, flapping-wing aircraft that carries its own energy source and can hover as well as move forwards.

Galaxy Tab overclocked to a sweet 1.2GHz

Yes, the PC scene may have fallen into a bit of a lull, so it's good to see a new generation of enthusiasts pick up the overclocking torch (at least, on the software side) in the mobile arena.

Captivate Hummingbird overclocked to 1.2GHz

XDA Dev overclockers have successfully revved the Samsung Hummingbird's processor to 1.2GHz, with (theoretical) stable speeds of up to 1.6GHz expected in future kernel iterations.

Apple buys chip company to maintain mobile edge

Apple has taken another importantl step to maintain its mobile edge by acquiring an advanced chip manufacturer known as Intrinsity.