Human DNA discovered in gonorrhea

Scientists have found their first evidence of gene transfer from humans to bacteria  - and, guess what, it's gonorrhea that's the lucky recipient.

Robotic head advances human-machine interaction

The subject of countless books and movies, humans have always been intrigued by robotic automation.

Saudis eye human tracking implants

The concept of a tracking chip has floated around the minds of various legislators, science fiction writers, and even parents for some time. 

Hawking says colonization not an option

Stephen Hawking believes humans must colonize additional planets or face mass extinction.

Ardi wasn't human ancestor, says team

A team of scientists says that habitat evidence shows that Ardipithecus ramidus - claimed last year as the earliest human ancestor - was nothing of the sort.

Japanese scientists create Cylon-like robot

A team of Japanese scientists have designed a robot that is reportedly capable of accurately laughing and smiling by mimicking human facial expressions.