"Hulu for magazines" set to launch in Android Market this week

Apple has closed deals with some of the biggest magazine publishers to sell subscriptions via iTunes. Now it's Google's turn, with five large publishers poised to enter the Android Market this week.

Hulu extends contracts with major TV networks

Hulu fans everywhere will be happy to know the site recently renewed a deal to keep shows from NBC, Fox and ABC on the site for an extended period of time.

Hulu Plus reportedly coming to Xbox 360 this week

Months after PS3 first got Hulu's premium streaming service, it may finally be coming to Xbox 360.

RIM wants Hulu Plus on Playbooks

Blackberry maker reportedly in talks with the online video service.

Move over Netflix, Amazon is coming!

It seems as if Amazon may be gearing up to challenge Netflix by offering a premium online movie streaming platform loaded with a substantial amount of content.

Hulu pressured by Netflix

When Netflix hit the scene it put intense pressure on content distributors like BlockBuster and movie channels to revolutionize the way they do business. But what about other streaming Internet-based media services such as Hulu?

Out of beta, Hulu Plus is now $7.99

Those who thought it was too outrageous to pay $10 a month for a premium video service that still bombarded them with commercials...will still probably have a problem with Hulu Plus, but at least it's only $8 now.

Hulu Plus announced for Sony TV platform

Hulu has become confident enough in its new premium Hulu Plus service that beginning next week, it'll go out of beta mode and be available to the general public. Along with that, Sony Bravia TVs will receive a Hulu Plus app.

Hulu may go for an IPO, but is it time?

Hulu, the second most popular online video destination (trailing only Youtube), is apparently evaluating its options to go public on the stock market, a move that is raising a lot of questions.

Hulu Plus comes to Roku and Tivo

Hulu's premium subscription service, Hulu Plus, is to be made available on Roku and TiVo Premiere devices later this year.

Did the Internet kill Blockbuster?

Blockbuster has fought valiantly in recent years to defend itself against threats from online contenders such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. But now it seems as if the industry heavyweight is getting ready to throw in the proverbial towel.

Hulu Plus invitations are transferable

A false assumption spreading around online forums is that only the people to whom Hulu Plus invitations are sent can sign up for the service, but TG Daily has learned otherwise.

Some PS3 users to get Hulu Plus today

Some lucky PlayStation 3 owners are to get access to the Hulu Plus subscription service ahead of the rest.

Hulu clears up Playstation Plus/Hulu Plus rumors

Following some wayward code on the Hulu Plus page that was discovered, Hulu has confirmed that Playstation Plus will be required for its premium service at first, but then it will transition to a feature for all PS3 users.

Hulu Plus on PS3 to require $50/year Playstation Plus?

Hulu's new premium TV-watching service is on its way to a whole bunch of platforms, but there are now rumors that the $10/month fee may not be the only cost that users face.

Hulu rolls out subscription-based Plus service

Hulu is now offering a paid subscription service that streams 720p video content across various devices, including televisions, computers and smartphones.

Sony eyes Hulu content for PS3 consoles

Sony is reportedly close to clinching an agreement with Hulu for a paid TV service that would stream content to its flagship Playstation 3 (PS3) console.

Almost everyone who uses the Internet now watches online video

Google's stranglehold on the online video market is stronger than ever before, raking in more video activity than its closest eight competitors combined, times four.

Play Bejeweled, watch TV, and listen to U2 from Bing.com

Microsoft's search site is no longer just a "decision engine." It's growing up and now it can play music, movies, and games without ever sending users to an external Web site.

Report: Hulu to charge for premium content

Hulu is reportedly planning to roll out a subscription service for multiple devices, including the Xbox 360 and iPad.