Hulu updates PS3 app

There's a new face for Hulu Plus on the PS3.

Hulu Plus hits Apple TV

If you own an Apple TV set-top box, you may be perfectly satisfied with the video streaming services the device supports, such as Netflix and YouTube.

Hulu Plus hits 2 million subscribers

It isn't quite to the level of Netflix, but Hulu Plus is certainly holding its own.

Hulu Plus lands on some Android tablets

The leading online video site for current-run TV shows is close to being on a new platform

Hulu Plus Wii app now available

Just like Netflix, the Wii was the last one picked to receive Hulu Plus compatibility, but the days of waiting are now over.

Hulu Plus coming to Wii and 3DS

Gamers will soon be able to watch thousands of TV episodes on their Nintendo gadgets, including many the day after they are live on the air.

Hulu gets 1M subscribers before end of summer

Hulu is adding paying subscribers faster than they had anticipated.

Google pay-per-view almost ready for Android

Android phone owners will soon get their own proprietary premium video streaming app.

Hulu Plus launches on Xbox Live

If you have an Xbox 360 and a premium Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can now watch Hulu Plus on your TV.

Roku set-top box inks deal with Best Buy

Now that watching online content through your TV is all the rage, Roku's set-top box is now big enough for the #1 electronics retailer in the country.

Hulu Plus adds Sony Dash to its repertoire

If you have a Hulu Plus subscription, there's now one more device that will let you play back hundreds of hours of TV shows - Sony's Internet-powered portable Dash system.

Out of beta, Hulu Plus is now $7.99

Those who thought it was too outrageous to pay $10 a month for a premium video service that still bombarded them with commercials...will still probably have a problem with Hulu Plus, but at least it's only $8 now.

Hulu Plus announced for Sony TV platform

Hulu has become confident enough in its new premium Hulu Plus service that beginning next week, it'll go out of beta mode and be available to the general public. Along with that, Sony Bravia TVs will receive a Hulu Plus app.

Hulu Plus comes to Roku and Tivo

Hulu's premium subscription service, Hulu Plus, is to be made available on Roku and TiVo Premiere devices later this year.

Netflix packs a pocket punch to iPhone, iPod Touch

Adding to its slate of support on the iPad as well a game systems, Blu-ray players, and Internet-connected TVs, Netflix has now found millions of potential new homes with support for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Hulu Plus invitations are transferable

A false assumption spreading around online forums is that only the people to whom Hulu Plus invitations are sent can sign up for the service, but TG Daily has learned otherwise.

Some PS3 users to get Hulu Plus today

Some lucky PlayStation 3 owners are to get access to the Hulu Plus subscription service ahead of the rest.

Hulu clears up Playstation Plus/Hulu Plus rumors

Following some wayward code on the Hulu Plus page that was discovered, Hulu has confirmed that Playstation Plus will be required for its premium service at first, but then it will transition to a feature for all PS3 users.