Report: Amazon prepping set-top box

Amazon is reportedly prepping a set-top box capable of playing games and streaming movies from multiple online platforms including Prime Instant Video, Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Hulu updates PS3 app

There's a new face for Hulu Plus on the PS3.

Are changes afoot for Hulu?

When Hulu first launched, I was quite excited about being able to watch some past episodes of shows I liked on my TV by streaming them from the web.

Netflix CEO still bullish on the cloud

It'll take more than a little outage for Netflix to change its plans.

Netflix streaming hits a billion hours in June

There's no questioning the impact of streaming video these days.

Netflix launches new Web video player

Netflix is going back to its roots and tweaking the browser-based video stream platform that started it all.

After mess, Netflix customer satisfaction increases

After seeing noted drops in the way customers perceive Netflix, the company is now on a swing in the other direction.

Hulu Plus hits 2 million subscribers

It isn't quite to the level of Netflix, but Hulu Plus is certainly holding its own.

Hulu Plus lands on some Android tablets

The leading online video site for current-run TV shows is close to being on a new platform

Comcast debuts Netflix competitor

Comcast is planning on entering the streaming video market.

Wii video streaming pilot was unsuccessful

Nintendo's pilot project of offering video streaming through the Wii console has come to an end.

Amazon expands streaming video offering

When it comes to online video streaming, Amazon is still trying to remind everyone that it's in the race too.

Game consoles credited with video streaming explosion

More people than ever are watching Netflix and other video streaming services from their game consoles.

Hulu says it's not for sale after all

Hulu's decided it's not for sale after all, as nobody seems prepared to pay as much as the company's owners want for it.

Blockbuster may join the online streaming game

It looks like Blockbuster wants to turn up the heat on Netflix and will be launching its own branded streaming service soon.

Hulu Plus makes unusual Android tablet debut

Hulu has just added support for its first Android tablet, but it's not the one you might expect.

Why Hulu should sell ASAP

For a while Hulu was the place to go for entertainment on the Internet. But now the company really needs to hurry up and sell while its perceived value is still high.

Half of Netflix users connect via game console

Just how important is Netflix's expansion in developing special apps for different platforms?

Apple has its eyes on Hulu

Apple may be considering a bid to purchase online video streaming company Hulu.

Hulu considers putting itself up for sale

Insiders familiar with Hulu are saying that the streaming video service is considering selling itself after receiving an unsolicited takeover offer.