Martin Scorsese forced to go digital

Movie fans everywhere have been bracing themselves for the end of film, and this is probably the clearest sign yet it's going the way of the extinction sooner than later. 

Is Frank Sinatra going 3D?

As a long time fan of director Martin Scorsese, I'm glad to see him getting rave reviews for his latest movie, Hugo.

Are old school movie release patterns back?

Movies today often have a hard time finding an audience because of how films are currently released. 

Who is writing the next James Bond movie?

John Logan has a hell of a resume for a screenwriter: Any Given Sunday, The Aviator, Sweeny Todd, Rango, and Hugo. 

About that girl with the dragon tattoo

Right about the beginning or middle of November you usually see a lot of news about the upcoming winter movie schedule. This year, there are a lot promising movies for genre fans and lovers of film alike.