Facebook moves to more secure connection

Facebook has rolled out HTTPS security across the site, meaning it may be a little slower - but a lot safer.

Modded Firesheep exposes Google data

Two security researchers have coded a modded version of the Firesheep packet sniffer that exploits the use of unencrypted cookies by Google's Web History feature.

If HTTPS is secure, why isn’t every website using it?

With technology now so much a part of daily life, the average person maintains a password for multiple accounts, including e-mail, instant messaging and banking. 

Twitter gets serious about HTTPS

Twitter is bolstered its digital security perimeter with the addition of a setting that offers permanent access to the popular social networking site via HTTPS.

Senator wants https for the masses

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) wants major websites to ditch the "http" protocol for the more secure "https." Such a move would help protect users from data theft while surfing at public WiFi hotspots such as coffee shops, bookstores and airports.

Facebook gets serious about security

Facebook has announced two new security features to further protect users of the popular social network. The first is a secure HTTPS connection used to shield members throughout the Facebook experience, and not just when a password is typed.