Diamond builds new Android set-top box, Zotac refreshes Zbox lineup

Diamond Multimedia has introduced an Android-powered set-top box dubbed the AMP2000.

MediaPortal 2 Alpha 1 rolls out for HTPC enthusiasts

HTPC DIY enthusiasts should check out  the latest version of MediaPortal.

AMD's C-70 chip powers Foxconn's AT-5570

Foxconn rolls its own uber-mini HTPC.

OpenELEC is a DIY Linux HTPC

If you're in the market to build a home theater PC, you might want to check out the first stable release of the Linux distribution OpenELEC version 2.0.

This A10 is an ARM-powered Media PC

New Android mini-PCs powered by the AllWinner A10 ARM A8 chipset are hitting the market on an almost daily basis.