Google's Schmidt unconcerned by Android lawsuits

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt says he is unconcerned about various patent infringement lawsuits targeting a number of Android handsets.

HTC's next tablet is the 10-inch Puccini

If the FCC's latest filings are anything to go by, HTC's next tablet will be/ called the Puccini.

HTC violated 2 Apple patents

HTC isn't going to let a court ruling stop them from being a thorn in Apple's side. They're used to being the object of Steve Jobs' hatred by now.

HTC's 'Facebook Phone' coming July 17

The device that has become colloquially known as the Facebook Phone is due to hit stores in five days.

Apple accuses HTC of infringing more patents

Apple's launched a new series of patent infringement claims against HTC, relating to several Android smartphones and the company's Flyer tablet.

Verizon ends Thunderbolt's free 4G mobile hotspot

Verizon is putting an end to its promotional offer of letting Thunderbolt owners tether their 4G data connection for free.

Sprint's Evo 3D goes on sale

The very first glasses-free 3D phone to be sold in the US is now available.

Apple has enough cash to buy out rivals

Apple currently dominates key sectors of the uber-lucrative mobile sphere with its iPad tablet and iPhone handset.

HTC Sensation 4G coming June 15

The phone that T-Mobile claims is the "most powerful smartphone" will be hitting stores in just a couple weeks.

Sprint's Evo 3D to be packed with 3D goodies

What is likely to be the first true 3D phone will come with a gaggle of pre-installed 3D content.

HTC unchains smartphone bootloaders

The modding community is chalking up yet another (well-deserved) victory, as HTC CEO Peter Chou says future devices manufactured by his company will boast unlocked bootloaders.

HTC tries to be serious about its bootloader policy

HTC's popular Evo 3D smartphone may be locked, but the handset manufacturer insists a review of its fortress-like bootloader policy is ongoing.

HTC confirms Windows Phone Mango plans

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has confirmed it is working with the new version of Windows Phone.

Verizon's first Windows Phone 7 phone comes next week

It's a bit late to the game, but Verizon is now ready to launch a phone using Microsoft's new mobile operating system.

Radio Shack opens up HTC Evo 3D pre-orders

Radio Shack has just given new teeth to the idea that Sprint's HTC Evo 3D may soon be ready for prime time.

Microsoft challenges Apple's 'App Store' trademark in Europe

Microsoft, HTC, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have followed the lead of Amazon in challenging Apple's right to trademark the terms 'App Store' and 'Appstore' in Europe.

Best Buy opens up Evo 3D pre-orders

If you walk into a Best Buy today, you'll be able to pre-order Sprint's HTC Evo 3D.

Updated: Verizon 4G service suspended since yesterday

Customers with an HTC Thunderbolt phone or 4G modem have been without data service for 24 hours.

Amazon lets you get a Verizon Thunderbolt for $130

Limited-time sale makes 4G LTE more affordable than ever.

HTC's Sensation is one tricked-out 4G smartphone

HTC has confirmed that its tricked-out Sensation smartphone will be hitting the hot streets - courtesy of T-Mobile - sometime this summer.