HTC scrambles to fix Android security glitch

HTC admits its proprietary "Sense" Android software has a glaring security hole and said it is working to patch it up before any malicious app makers try to exploit it.

Report exposes HTC Android security hole

A new report has found that HTC's proprietary Sense user interface for Android phones exposes private user data.

Rumor: Amazon wants webOS for Kindle tablets

A new report claims Amazon is eyeing Hewlett Packard's defunct webOS for future iterations of its Kindle tablets.

T-Mobile gets two new 4G phones

T-Mobile isn't just sitting by the sidelines while AT&T tries to win approval for its controversial buyout.

Report pinpoints Mango update to begin on 9/27

Just about one day after Microsoft confirmed that Mango was ready to be peeled in a couple weeks, a report has come out to suggest a specific launch date.

HTC moves Android storage to the cloud

HTC wants you to start saving your mobile files to the cloud instead of to your phone's hard drive.

HTC targets geekettes with Rhyme "lady-phone"

HTC has unveiled an Android-powered smartphone that seems to target the female demographic.

HTC's newest phone, the Rhyme, coming Sep 20

We're getting details on the latest Android phone from HTC, but this one is different than most - it's designed for women.

HTC eying own operating system

HTC has apparently grown so big and confident that it is now ready to challenge the very thing that drove it to stardom - Android.

Google helps HTC ramp up patent suit against Apple

HTC has extended its patent lawsuit against Apple, adding nine patents which it bought from Google last week.

How LG made an early Android mistake

Did you know LG was supposed to be the manufacturer of the world's first Android phone?

HTC seeks Apple import ban

At this rate, it soon won't be possible to buy a cellphone at all, and we'll all be reduced to tin cans and string.

HTC Holiday phone packs a 4.5-inch display

Although not officially confirmed by HTC, it seems the next big thing from the company will be a smartphone called the Holiday.

HTC buys majority stake of Dr. Dre's company Beats

HTC is adding to its pool of corporate acquisitions with a company co-founded by music mogul Dr. Dre.

New Sprint phone names leaked

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch, the HTC Evo Design 4G, and the Motorola Admiral will all be coming to a Sprint store near you.

ITC to review Apple's latest complaint against HTC

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) says it plans to investigate Apple's latest patent complaint against HTC, potentially leading to HTC product imports being frozen.

Android may be top OS, but Apple is top manufacturer

Google's Android operating system currently claims the largest share of the U.S. consumer smartphone market with a very impressive 39%.

Apple to remain "influential" despite smartphone competition

Apple is expected to remain an "influential" presence in the smartphone market despite increased competition from Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. 

HTC still planning an appeal in Apple lawsuit

HTC and Apple are writing a public saga worthy of Tolkien. Even though HTC has made it known that they are receptive to making a deal with Apple, they are still planning on escalating their legal battle with them.

HTC wants to cut a deal with Apple

HTC has changed their stance in their patent war against Apple. It seems that HTC now wants to avoid a drawn out court battle with the litigious industry giant.