AMD gets a boost in supercomputing

The OpenACC API was developed to provide a vendor neutral platform for the fastest computers in the world. Now, it is supports AMD APUs and dGPUs.

Mont-Blanc supercomputer powered by Samsung's Exynos

The European-based Mont-Blanc project has selected Samsung's flagship Exynos platform as the building block to power its first integrated low power- High Performance Computing (HPC) prototype.

Intel reduces chip sipping with near-threshold voltage

Intel recently showcased a number of near-threshold voltage (NTV) techniques that promise to significantly increase processor energy efficiency by decreasing the supply voltage.

Bridging the quantum universe and classic world

Quantum computers have the potential to achieve performance and speed far beyond current HPCs.

AMD APUs are going HPC

Penguin Computing recently installed the world's first HPC cluster powered by AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Nvidia Tesla GPUs power Cray blades

Cray is currently developing blades based on Nvidia's Tesla 20-Series GPUs for its advanced XE6 lineup.

Intel optimizes mission critical computing with Xeon 7500

Intel has launched its Xeon 7500 processor series for the HPC and mission critical computing markets. 

OMG, $3 million computer market exploding

Some day, somewhere, someone will buy today's $3 million supercomputer for $19.95 and wear it on their wrist. In the meantime, we dazzle ourselves with IDC's HPC market research.