Technology Super Bowl: Setting the bar for the HP/Palm tablet

In a few days HP will launch its tablet competitor against the iPad. The Motorola Xoom, which was expected to be the first real iPad contender, isn’t having a good day with a price about $300 higher than the market will likely accept. 

HP touts uber cool swivel PCs

Once you’ve seen one touchscreen PC you’ve seen them all. Well, that is until you see the new HP TouchSmart610 and TouchSmart 9300. These touchscreen PCs are on a flexible mount, which means users can recline the touchscreen 60 degrees up or down and swivel it 180 degrees.

HP wants to be "cool"

In the world of school playground metaphors, Apple is the kid who's a month or two older than everyone else, wears designer clothes, and as all the friends. Meanwhile, HP is...

Oracle, Mark Hurd and Jodie Fisher's revenge

The drama keeps swirling around Mark Hurd and his reality show-like experience. 

Ellison says he has proof that Apotheker knew about theft

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says he can prove that HP's new CEO Leo Apotheker was in on a plot to steal large amounts of Oracle software during his time at SAP.

Dell Brings Back XPS: Those three magic letters of lust

The original XPS desktop and notebook computers were products I lusted after but never actually owned. They are on a list of products that included the original Voodoo Envy, the HP Blackbird, and HP Firebird (had one of these HP made me give it back).   

HP goes for Windows 7 in $800 Slate tablet

After it seemingly shelved plans for a Windows-based tablet device, HP has now re-confirmed the Slate 500, a more functional device than the iPad aimed at a business consumer crowd.

Palm regains its mobile mojo with webOS 2.0

HP-owned Palm seems to have regained some of its mobile mojo with the launch of webOS 2.0 and the Pre 2.

New HP continues to attack old CEO, Mark Hurd

HP essentially forced its once-heralded CEO Mark Hurd to resign because of a rush to judgment on a pending sexual harassment allegation, but now that its newly appointed CEO finds himself in bigger hot water, HP now has to play damage control yet again.

Larry Ellison says the madness must stop

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says he is "speechless" over the fact that Hewlett Packard (HP) selected former SAP chief Leo Apotheker to replace Mark Hurd. 

HP picks battle hardened executives for Cloud Wars

HP’s Board had three big problems that Mark Hurd created or that resulted when he left.

Ex-SAP head Leo Apotheker takes the HP helm

HP has picked ex-SAP CEO Leo Apotheker as its new CEO, in a move which has taken some analysts by surprise.

Paul McCartney to digitize himself for posterity

Paul McCartney appears remarkably well preserved for his age. 

Then again, I suppose we all would look as good as the former Beatle if we had a billion dollars, married women half our age and trotted around the globe extolling the virtues of a vegetarian diet.

HP and Oracle kiss and make up

It's so nice when everybody's friends again. For the last two weeks, the tech playground has been ringing with complaints over HP's best friend Mark Hurd going off and palling up with oracle instead. 

HP launches new, much cheaper TouchSmart

HP has announced the latest refresh to its successful line of all-in-one touchscreen computers this morning, with a $699 price tag that makes it the cheapest model to date, by far.

HP doles out plan to buy ArcSight for $1.5 billion

Most people have never heard of a tech security company called ArcSight, but HP wants to buy it for a pretty nice-size price tag of $1.5 billion.

Netbooks and redtape economics

For the past six months I have been using a HP mini for word processing and accessing wireless Internet at school. I lost my 40 watt AC adapter yesterday, and finding a new one that was reasonably priced was harder than you would think - much harder.

Mark Hurd's salary at Oracle will be a mere $950,000

It's not quite the salary of a CEO of the country's top PC manufacturer, but it sounds like Mark Hurd will still be doing alright for himself.

Hurd and Ellison: The crazy rich old guys of Silicon Valley Reality TV show

Some days it almost feels like we are living in a Reality TV show with all of the drama. 

 Over the long weekend when most of us were planning on taking it a bit easy, Mark Hurd showed up at Oracle and we seemed to have the first in a new series called "The Crazy Rich Old Men of Silicon Valley." 

 What follows is what you would have seen had this show been on TV. The story opens with the surprise departure of the sexy CEO, Carly Fiorina running HP because she was spending too much time trying to get herself set up for a government job.

Fired HP CEO Mark Hurd takes job as Oracle co-president

After stepping down from the top position at HP in what many consider to be an unfair ousting, Mark Hurd has accepted a new position as co-president of fellow computer services firm Oracle.