Embattled HP CEO on the chopping block

We may be looking at the final days of Leo Apotheker as the CEO of fledgling company HP.

RIM's PlayBooks are gathering dust

Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer is being forced to lay off around 1,000 workers as RIM scales back on production of its flailing PlayBook tablet.

Did PC innovation die in 1984?

Prominent Silicon Valley analyst Jon Peddie believes PC innovation likely died in 1984, although the industry has yet to take any real notice.

Intel: We're not interested in buying HP's PC unit

Intel CEO Paul Otellini made short work of a persistent rumor that the chip firm may buy Hewlett Packard's recently spun-off PC unit during a Q&A session at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

Samsung snubs webOS

HP's $99 webOS-powered TouchPad tablets may have (belatedly) flown off the shelves at retailers across the United States, but Samsung remains utterly unimpressed by the latest turn of events.

HP cashing out on the TouchPad

Hewlett Packard has confirmed that it will be manufacturing and shipping a "limited quantity" of webOS-powered TouchPads up until October 31st, 2011.

TouchPad & iPad: the secret tablet backstories

With the TouchPad selling out and folks focused this week on the likely arrival of the iPhone on Sprint, I figured it would be fun to write about some of the tablet backstories that aren’t being talked about.   

iPad momentum leads tablet market

Apple is projected to increase its iPad shipments at a faster rate than previously estimated - causing the global media tablet market to exceed growth expectations over the next few years. 

PC sales ramp up in China as America stagnates

China has reportedly overtaken the U.S. as the largest personal-computer market while America struggles to extricate itself from a self-imposed economic quagmire. 

Barnes & Noble caught in Touchpad crossfire

An unlikely company is catching a lot of backlash as a result of the massive fire sale of HP's flagship Touchpad tablet.

webOS devs jump ship to Windows Phone 7

Devs jumping off the sinking webOS ship are hoping Microsoft can throw them a Windows Phone 7 life-preserver. 

At $99, HP's Touchpad finally ignites sales

As part of a last-ditch effort to move stacks of inventory, HP's flagship tablet is now available for $99, but it's probably too little too late.

HP ditches webOS, eyes PC spinoff

Hewlett Packard is discontinuing operations for webOS devices, including its failed TouchPad and webOS phones.

Best Buy irked at unsold Touchpad inventory

Best Buy is tired of carrying around a bunch of unwanted HP tablets.

Armageddon: How HP plans to end Cisco

Cisco published its earnings report this past week. While the company beat the street on both revenue and profits, Cisco had to execute massive layoffs to get costs in line as it faces ever-increasing pressure from HP.

HP Touchpad now $100 cheaper

Less that two weeks after it began offering a $50 "rebate" on its flagship webOS Touchpad tablet, HP has now permanently slashed the price even further.

Cybercrime costs soared in past year

After a rather eventful year that's seen many massive cyberattacks, a new survey of cybercrime costs has concluded that businesses and governments are shelling out 56 percent more to clean up than a year ago.

HP cuts Touchpad price by $50

Just a matter of weeks after being introduced to the market, the HP Touchpad tablet is already $50 cheaper.

HP's allegations of data theft 'fiction', says Oracle exec

HP's allegations that a former employee stole trade secrets are a pack of lies, according to the man's lawyer, who is asking for the case to be thrown out.

Dell buys Force10, Intel snags Fulcrum and Cisco gets heartburn

The computer industry started out with one massive generalist: IBM. However, after facing anti-trust pressures, Big Blue was forced to open up the market.