Microsoft claims Surface tablet is "just a design point"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is attempting to reassure jittery vendors that Redmond's recently unveiled Windows 8 Surface tablet is simply a "design point" - rather than a competing device.

Claim: Heads are rolling at Microsoft over Surface tablet

Last week we reported that PC vendors - including Hewlett Packard (HP) - were up in arms over Microsoft's recent decision to enter the lucrative tablet market with its indigenously designed Surface device.

Report: Vendors ditch Windows ARM devices over Surface

A new report claims that PC vendors - including Hewlett Packard (HP) - are up in arms over Microsoft's recent decision to enter the lucrative tablet market with its Surface device.

Best Buy details 50 store closings

Best Buy has announced which of retail stores will be shutting its doors.

HP cuts half of its webOS team

Although disappointing, this news really shouldn't surprise anyone.

If you count iPads, Apple is now top PC maker

The iPad has garnered enough sales to make Apple surpass HP as the world's number one computer vendor. That is, if you count the iPad.

HP promises open WebOS by September

HP's announced its timetable for making its WebOS open source, delivering on plans announced late last year.

Mark Hurd's seduction technique revealed?

Well, now we know how former HP chief executive Mark Hurd tries to chat women up - and it's not that different from a spotty teenage boy's tactics. Allegedly.

Final $99 Touchpads sell out in minutes

It was a virtual Black Friday over the weekend when HP made its final batch of $99 Touchpads available at the apex of the holiday shopping season.

HP’s webOS goes open source

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced that its webOS software and accompanying ENYO app framework will be "contributed" to the open source community - making an official resurrection of the TouchPad extremely unlikely.  

HP has one last batch of Touchpads to sell

HP is giving you one final chance to get your hands on a cheap tablet.

HP concedes 2012 to Apple

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman, who says Apple is doing a "great job," has acknowledged that Cupertino will likely outpace HP and become the world's leading PC manufacturer in 2012.

HP strikes back against printer hack claims

Hewlett Packard (HP) has issued an official statement in response to a controversial MSNBC report alleging a potential security vulnerability with certain LaserJet printers.

Yes, hackers can hijack printers

Researchers at Columbia University have identified a firmware security flaw in an unknown number of Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers that could potentially be exploited by hackers.

Get ready for the BlackBerry PlayBook fire sale

The TouchPad didn’t fly off store shelves until Hewlett Packard (HP) slashed the price of the webOS tablet to $99.

HP moves to revolutionize computing

HP has worked up quite a reputation for being the king of drama over the last several years. However, this week the company shifted the drama where it belongs: with the products.  

Best Buy offers $149 Touchpad, for those who care

 You may recall the excitement that surrounded HP's flagship WebOS-powered Touchpad tablet when it dropped to $99 earlier this year.

New broom Whitman plans to keep HP's PC business

With ex-CEO Leo Apotheker gone, HP's decided not to follow through on his plan of selling off its PC division.

The great HP TouchPad Android mystery

HP's flubbed TouchPad tablet is back in the news again, and like pretty much all the other major TouchPad stories, this one has HP running in circles.

HP also scrapped 7-inch TouchPad

HP was just weeks away from announcing a new seven inch version of its TouchPad tablet before deciding to spin off the hardware business, sources tell TG Daily.