Why the PC and X86 vendors are missing the big desktop PC opportunity

One of the biggest textbook mistakes IBM ever made was agreeing with Sun that the mainframe was dead - allegedly to be replaced by PCs and client server computing.

HP's Envy X2 Windows 8 hybrid priced at $850

The first time we saw HP's Envy X2 Windows 8 hybrid tablet was back in August of 2012.

Huawei linked to Iran tech sales

China's Huawei - the world's second largest telecoms firm, but certainly not its most trusted - has been accused of involvement in a plan to sell equipment to Iran.

DoJ to investigate HP's Autonomy takeover

Hewlett-Packard has revealed that the Department of Justice is investigating its aquisition of British software company Autonomy.

HP ElitePad 900 Windows 8 tablet hits pre-order for $649

HP's Windows 8-powered ElitePad 900 tablet has hit pre-order with a $649 price point. 

Swivel with HP's EliteBook Revolve

Expected to launch in 2013, HP is keeping mum on pricing for its Windows 8-powered EliteBook Revolve.

webOS-on-Android inches forward

Although still officially in pre-Alpha, the folks at Phoneix have made significant progress with their webOS-on-Android project.

HP accuses Autonomy of lying about its performance

When HP took over Autonomy last year, the $11.1 billion price tag seemed high; but it was reasonable, said HP, given Autonomy's marvellous performance.

Open webOS arrives on LiveCD

Enthusiasm for HP’s (Palm) webOS remains quite high, even if the industry heavyweight is no longer actively promoting the open source OS.

Video: Introducing webOS - the Android app

Hewlett Packard (HP) may have reduced its support for the wayward (Palm) webOS platform, but as we previously reported, the open source OS is now finding a new life on Android hardware.

Lenovo now neck and neck with HP as PC market leader

Lenovo may - or may not - have knocked HP off its perch as the world's top PC supplier, depending on which analyst firm you believe.

Major cash infusion for Calxeda ARM servers

Calxeda first introduced its ARM-powered "EnergyCore" Server-on-a-Chip (SoC) back in November of 2011.  

Is HP trying to be the new Apple?

Frankly, it has frustrated me for years to watch Apple’s success - while traditional bumbling PC companies continue to ignore the obvious point that yes, design and presentation actually do matter.

Apple now second most powerful brand, behind Coke

Not that it should surprise anyone, but Apple is now officially ranked as the second most powerful brand in the world.

HP touts Windows 8-powered ElitePad 900

HP has rolled out a Windows 8-powered tablet targeted specifically at business users with enterprise grade features functionality and support.

Can HP & Intel build the world’s most efficient data center?

As more energy management systems become automated, the search for a data center design that doesn’t gobble up absurd amounts of energy is heating up. 

HP launches Windows 8 desktops

The HP Envy 23 and Envy 20 TouchSmart PCs come with 23-inch and 20-inch HD touchscreens respectively, with 10-point multitouch technology.

HP's Envy X2 is a laptop-tablet Windows 8 hybrid

HP announced three new Windows 8 devices earlier today at IFA 2012 in Berlin, including the Envy X2 hybrid PC which combines a detachable screen and keyboard dock for the best of the tablet and ultraportable worlds.

On Windows 8, Surface and tablet wars

Recently, certain execs at Acer made some rather strong comments about Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablet.

ARM chips may prompt x86 PC exodus

A number of Intel's biggest customers and partners are reportedly "exploring" the use of RISC-based ARM chips that could ultimately find their way into future PCs and servers.