Howard Stringer is out as Sony CEO

After holding the title of chairman and CEO of Sony for nearly seven years, Howard Stringer will vacate the post as the company tries to restructure and better compete against Apple and others.

Those stylin' geeks

Okay, so you were a geek in high school, couldn't get the girl, and got tossed in the dumpster regularly by bullies. None of that really matters when you form a company that changes the world and makes you a billionaire, right?

Sony chief Howard Stringer takes 16% pay cut

After three straight years of losses, Howard Stringer is finally feeling some pain in his own bank account.

Sony admits no system is secure

Sony is now acknowledging what every hacker has known for decades: absolutely no system is truly secure.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer issues statement on PSN ordeal

The man in charge of the entire Sony corporation has stepped forward to apologize.

Sony, out of nowhere, wants to be 2nd place in tablets

Samsung has the Galaxy Tab, Motorola has the Xoom, Asus has a few on the way, and yet the company that says it can go all the way up to knocking on the iPad's Sony?

Sony more obsessed with 3D than ever

A lot of companies have 3D fever these days, but few can match the ferver and sheer breadth of 3D material available from Sony at this year's CES expo.

Sony’s Sir Howard: GoogleTV ‘really is a very big deal’

Sony's Chairman reveals why Google, Android, and the TV are kicking it old school.