Happy Birthday Howard Stern

Howard Stern is 60? It’s not that we thought he wouldn’t hit this milestone one day, it’s just another thing that makes us feel much older. Seemed like only yesterday he broke into L.A. after ruling N.Y., and he soon became a phenomenon everywhere. 

Is Gaming Really a Sport?

Video games take a lot of practice, endurance, and hand / eye coordination. But come on, can we really compare it to real sports? You may recall some time back on TGD that we reported that a competition for League of Legends had formed, somewhat like a video game Olympics, and in this case, gaming was officially classified as a sport.

Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt Isn't Taking Over the Batman Empire

We’ve all seen The Dark Knight Rises by now, and know how it ends. The movie was actually left fairly open opened, but it’s pretty obvious how things are set up. Batman may or may not have escaped a nuclear blast, he’s probably retired over in Europe, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (aka Robin) is poised to inherit the batsuit.

Taking business lessons from Howard Stern!?

Besides being totally hilarious, Howard Stern is also one shrewd businessman. 

I only wish I had his business acumen and bargaining power, which I’ve always admired.

Metallica talks 3D and freedom

Metallica certainly has some interesting plans for the future, including their own music festival, a 3D movie, and a new album, with Rick Rubin back at the helm.

Got talent? Howard Stern will be the judge of that

At first he was playing coy, and you got the impression this would turn out like those American Idol rumors, or his infamous ploy to run for governor of New York. 

Bill Gates and Howard Stern celebrate the... high-tech toilet?!

Robin Williams used to joke that cocaine was God’s way of telling you you’re making too much money.

Howard Stern pays homage to Steve Jobs

As long time Howard Stern fans like myself know, the guy was a big fan of Steve Jobs and his innovations. Now with Jobs’s tragic passing this month, Howard wants to join the fight against pancreatic cancer.

The original sex tape scandal

You may think sex tape scandals are so 90's, but they're still in the news, and you can't write a blog post fast enough before reports of yet more sex tapes or pictures hit the 'Net. 

Howard Stern rants over Super 8 leak

It's a given that the major studios are scared to death of piracy. Who can blame them? I mean, just look at what file sharing did to the music business.

A big shout out to Artie Lange

Fans of Howard Stern - like myself - were heartened to see Artie Lange finally resurface, as he made a guest appearance on Fox Sports Radio this past week.

No, Robin isn't leaving the Howard Stern show

False alarm - Robin Quivers isn’t leaving the Howard Stern show anytime soon.  

Why Howard Stern won’t do an iTunes show

The Internet is all a-Twitter with rumors that Howard Stern is about to sign a three-year, $600 million contract with Apple for an Internet/TV/iTunes show.