Obama Likes Breaking Bad

It’s always a trip to find out a certain celebrity likes the same movies, TV, music or video games you do. After all, celebrities are people just like you and me, and a lot of times they like stuff that’s in the zeitgeist, just like everyone else does.

Why Frank Underwood Enjoys It: ‘Cheaters High’ Validated

The hit cable series “House of Cards” displays some pretty unsavory human behavior — individuals are energized when they get away with cheating or unethical behavior. Frank Underwood, the series’ protagonist, enjoys exacting his revenge on those who didn’t support his nomination for Secretary of State. He’s downright ...

Does Netflix encourage binge watching?

Here’s a funny new term that’s probably new to the vernacular: Binge watching. That’s pretty much what we geeks do anyways. Pile up a bunch of our favorite movies and TV shows, and have endless marathons at home.