This house uses mushrooms as insulation

ast spring, we explored the fascinating work of Ecovative Design, an upstate New York company that was expanding from using fungi as the basis for greener-than-plastics shipping materials into the building insulation realm.

Designing a solar AIR house

Could you live in a single room house? I’m guessing more than one of us has spent time in a tiny apartment, but we sure didn’t like it. The idea of building a one-room house seems archaic and claustrophobic, but maybe that’s because we’re looking at the idea of rooms all wrong.

This green house is controlled by a smartphone

In the bold, bright future of the animated TV show The Jetsons, virtually anything, from cars to houses, could be controlled by the push of a button. How quaint. Little did the show’s creators know that the true sign of control in the 21st century is the smartphone app and the touchscreen.

How to build a net-zero-energy house without breaking the bank

A majority of the highly energy-efficient homes you see on Earthtechling’s pages cost more to build than the average new US home.

This modular Californian house beats the heat

As people continue to flock to the desert Southwest, designers have looked everywhere for ways to adapt the archetypal single-family home to the extremes of the arid climate.

This recyclable house is made of straw

The use of straw as a building medium is hardly new—the thermal insulation properties have been known and exploited for centuries in rural buildings around the world.

The casting of Robocop and Catching Fire

The remake of Robocop is currently coming together for a potential September start date, and a targeted summer 2013 release.

Researcher: Thomas Edison also invented the concrete house

Architecture enthusiasts were shocked last month when they heard a presentation about the modern poured concrete house. It appears Thomas Edison had a hand in inventing that too.

Democratic Senator wants e-commerce Internet tax

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois is currently prepping legislation that would implement a state sales tax for Internet e-commerce.

Team flies house with balloons in real-life version of Up!

A team of scientists and engineers has succeeded in reproducing the wonderful flying house from the movie Up!, by attaching hundreds of helium balloons to a sixteen-foot-square mock-up of the building.

House monitors residents' health

It's a little on the bijou side - but a research team has created an energy-efficient dolls' house which can send alerts if its residents are ill.