Microsoft Outlook and other services experiencing downtime

Poor Microsoft. They can't get a break. Now, it seems, that Outlook users are suffering some downtimes. They are not just down because they are still on Microsoft products and can't get a Gmail account. No, they are, literally, down. You can check out the live updates here. The latest message is:

Hotmail is history

Microsoft has completed the move from Hotmail to the new, which now boasts more than 400 million accounts.

Hotmail and Outlook go down as Microsoft migrates users

Microsoft's migration of Hotmail users to Outlook doesn't seem to be going quite to plan. A series of outages in both services has left people unable to access their emails.

Microsoft targets Gmail with

Forget about Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail - Redmond wants to be a real email contender with

Free SMS service launched by Hotmail co-founder

Hotmail was so well-liked by users that Microsoft acquired it for around $400 million. Now Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia is hoping for similar success with Jaxtr SMS, a free text messaging service.

Microsoft cloud collapse leads to temporary headache

Microsoft's cloud had a rainy morning today as it collapsed due to technical glitches.

Microsoft bans easy-to-guess Hotmail passwords

We all know that we're supposed to pick hard-to-guess passwords - but most of us know all too well that, if we do, we'll forget them ourselves.

Russian FSB wants to ban Skype and Gmail

If the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) had its way, the agency would ban Skype, Hotmail and Gmail in the former communist country.

Microsoft endorses multiple personalities with "alias" email

Everyone has a throwaway email account used to sign up for free coupons and newsletters that you would never want delivered to your real account.

Microsoft restores access to Hotmail inboxes

Hotmail users are gradually regaining access to their inboxes after a bug left many staring at a blank page.

Microsoft aims to take on Gmail with major Hotmail revamp

Microsoft's announced a new version of Hotmail, adding information management features that are in many cases similar to those found in Gmail.

Report: Microsoft prepping new version of Windows Live

Microsoft is preparing to launch a new version of Windows Live, which has apparently been dubbed "Wave 4" by a team of very bored marketeers.