Finding your inner zombie

At first I figured zombies were going to be a trend in horror, they'd have their time, then go away, but it looks like zombies are indeed here to stay as the monster of the new millennium. 

The pros and cons of the new Thing

I definitely have mixed feelings about the upcoming remake of The Thing. Then again, a lot of people felt the same way when the film was first remade by John Carpenter in 1982.

Horror down at the box office

Throughout the genre's existence, horror hasn't really been taken all that seriously.

The big horror vs. humor debate

Ever since the movie Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein there's been a big debate among genre fans: does humor belong in horror films?

Can Guillermo del Toro bring horror to video games?

Guillermo Del Toro's definitely got a full plate of projects for years to come. 

First up is the remake of the horror TV movie Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - which Del Toro produced - due for release on August 26.

Francis Ford Coppola revisits horror roots with Twixt

Looking back at cinema history, you'll realize many great directors started out making horror films. 


Can Godzilla help people cope in times of trouble?

It’s hard to think of Godzilla being someone to turn to when things go bad, but after the devastation in Japan this past March, there were several articles written about how the monster may help people cope with fear.