The Possession featurette explains the monster

Lionsgate has released a featurette for Sam Rami’s creepy new thriller, The Possession.

The resurrection of Evil Dead

The director and star of the original film give their take on the new adaptation.

Citadel teaser is supernatural

Cinedigm and Flatiron Films have released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming supernatural thriller.

Possession clip illuminates the issue

Lionsgate has released a preview clip for Sam Rami’s creepy new thriller, The Possession.

The dueling Ichabods of Sleepy Hollow

In yet another case of simultaneous development, two networks have ordered pilots for a new series called Sleepy Hollow.

Hellraiser art visits the temple of the water god

No, not that Hellraiser reboot.

House at the End of the Street trailer hides the sister

Relativity Media has released a new trailer for its upcoming startle flick.

What's behind the mask?

While I have mixed feelings about The Dark Knight Rises, there’s a little touch I really appreciated about the film: You never saw Bane without his mask.

The next big sci-fi series?

Horror is difficult to do well on TV. Many horror shows have been canceled, including this year's The River, despite relatively positive reviews.

Paranormal Activity 4 trailer drops the call

Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for its upcoming found footage flick, Paranormal Activity 4.

Wes Craven is back with Coming of Rage

As a horror film director, Wes Craven’s been very lucky in that he’s been able to reinvent himself several times throughout his career.

Silent Hill Revelation trailer goes to hell

Lionsgate has released the first trailer for its upcoming Silent Hill sequel.

The lost horror classics

With celluloid soon to be moving out of the way so digital can rule the earth, it’s a given that a lot of movies are going to wind up lost. 

Resident Evil: Retribution trailer gets a Rekall

Screen Gems has released the first full length trailer for its upcoming zombie adventure sequel, Resident Evil: Retribution.

World War Z is in trouble

You just know there is trouble when a film is weighed down by extensive reshoots, shifting release dates and new writers feverishly reworking a script.

More horror coming to television

There’s been horror on TV going all the way back to Thriller, hosted by Boris Karloff and Lights Out, which initially started off as radio show.

Prometheus featurette stands on the bridge

20th Century Fox has released a new featurette for its upcoming sci-fi thriller, Prometheus.

Christopher Lee (Saruman) hits 90

We're big fans of the Hammer horror films, the classic British scare fests that launched the careers of Christopher Lee, who played Dracula ten times for the studio, and Peter Cushing, who was usually Dr. Frankenstein.

The transformations of The Black Wings of Cthulhu

The Black Wings of Cthulhu is a collection of twenty-one stories, each with a theme or structure similar to the classic horror tales of H.P. Lovecraft.

The Possession trailer shouldn’t have opened the box

Lionsgate has released the first full-length trailer for Sam Rami’s creepy new thriller, The Possession.